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Dec 9, 2017
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Current state of things/current activities:
  • Normal Root Abyss mechanics pretty much all coded; mobs are broken beyond repair in v137 so some skills couldn't be tested yet even though code exists for them server-sided.
  • Chaos Root Abyss mechanics (that are specific to Chaos versions) around half done; Von Bon and Pierre need work.
  • Finalizing integration of Taboo's achievement system. Expect release in the coming days. Currently working on Bits system and ensuring rewards are account shareable.
  • Monster Life 97% completed according to Harvey, but put on hold until v140 due to some unfixable client bugs as well.
  • Ongoing review of PQ points.

  • Start updating to v140 by the weekend, target end of the month for possible release.
  • Release v140 without new classes.
  • Push content we have in the pipeline (CRA, Monster Life).
  • Release Xenon and Demon Avenger once they're done respectively.
  • Possibly work on revamping automated events and replace JQ. This keeps being pushed back due to overwhelming demands for version updates and other official content.
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