Easter Egg Hunt

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Dec 11, 2017
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Event Period: April 12, 2020 ~ May 3, 2020, 23:59

Greetings Croosaders,
We are really happy to announce the event we have made for this easter season, this event will be smaller compared to others, but we really hope you enjoy it too. Without further ado, let's get into it.

Getting Started
Monsters have stolen the Moon Bunny's eggs that they were planning to deliver to children. Granpa Moon Bunny mentions the monsters are hiding around maple world, but he has localized the main places where the monsters are hiding.

To begin this event, talk to Grandpa Moon Bunny to teleport to Lunar World. From there, you will be able to check out the Event shop talking to Baby Moon Bunny and you can talk to Granpa to exchange eggs that you take back from monsters. When you leave the Lunar World, you will be able to choose the city where you want to hunts eggs in, the cities in that list are the only places where eggs will drop.


Let the Hunt Begin
The eggs only drop in Ellin Forest, El Nath, Ludibrium and Herb Town. We suggest you to go to Lunar World for a fast and free city teleport if you don't have a Teleport Rock in your inventory. Every 1 Pigmy Egg of every town that you return to Grandpa Moon Bunny, you will get one Easter Coin.

1586702738042.png 1586702228159.png 1586702190532.png 1586702254761.png 1586702291013.png

To access the Event Shop, head to Lunar World and talk to Baby Moon Bunny.
For the rewards, we wanted to bring back a popular demand, unleashed scrolls. There's also job exclusive Mystery Mastery Books, Chairs and 90-day mounts (yes, some can use soaring).

1586702491754.png 1586702524199.png 1586702546762.png 1586702622483.png
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Dec 9, 2017
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Please note that you will not be able to trade in eggs or use boxes after the event period has ended, so please do so before if you still have eggs/boxes. The coin shop will stay available for a while longer.
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