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Dec 9, 2017
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Event period: 2020-09-27 00:00 UTC ~ 2020-10-18 23:59 UTC

Dear Croosaders,

Gaga wants to pursue his dream of winning his school's talent show, but he needs your help to do so. He is aiming to belt out a tune and break into a dance that'll blow away his fellow students. To secure his win thouhg, he's going to need to consume some very special fish that'll give him that extra edge by giving him a melodious voice and twinkle toes. This is where Gaga needs your help!

Monsters all around the Maple World are dropping Fish Nets. Gather up many of them and go see Gaga in town. He will bring you to Cassandra's Shore where you can enter 3 different portals in which you can fish. Snatch up those jumping fish with the Fish Net when they're nearby (Tip: Designate a hotkey for Fish Net). Now see what kind of fish you caught and bring them to Gaga!

Gaga will reward you with points which you can use to buy one of the following items:
gaga fishing rewards.png
Note: White & Blue Sandals can have its expiration date extended using the Hourglass from the Cash Shop

That's not all. If you happen to find the Top 10 Star Hits top 10 pop star hits.png bring it to Gaga to be reward with 50 points and plenty of EXP!
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