Golden Temple

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Dec 29, 2017
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Attention all Croosaders,

A Golden Temple has been discovered, are you strong enough to make your way through all kinds of creatures to see all the treasures that is hiding behind those golden walls?

You will able to receive a Golden Ticket
to gain entry into the Golden Temple from Mr. Yoo one time. After that, a ticket can be made by collecting 10 Golden Ticket Piece's
which can drop from any monster within your level range. Mr. Yoo will provide a quest that takes these ticket pieces and gives you a full ticket in return. (Mr Yoo is located in the Golden Temple, accessible through the Dimensional Mirror located in any major town) .

Note: Ticket piece drops are currently only visible while you have the "Recycled Golden Ticket" quest in progress. This will be changed in an upcoming restart.

Once inside the Golden Temple you can stay in the regular mode or, if you are level 70+ you can head inside the yellow portal on the right to enter the mirror mode.

Once you arrive at Golden Temple, there will be three different areas to explore. The different areas are Monkey Temple, Goblin Cave and Ravana's Sanctuary. All monkeys and goblins have a rare chance to drop level 64 Maple items!

Note: There has been some confusion about quests offered by the various NPCs. There are two versions of every quest: One for the Lv. 15~66 range (requires mobs/items found in Regular Mode) and one for Lv. 70~120 (requires mobs/items found in Mirror Mode). Old versions of the client didn't display the lower level quests, so restart your client if you do not see them.

To enter Sealed Sanctuary Entrance you will need to collect 5 sunbursts
which will be removed from your inventory when you enter. If you decide to leave, the items will be returned to your inventory if you have enough room. In order to enter the Sanctuary of Evil, where Ravana resides, you must be in a party of at least two members. There are 4 levels of difficulty for this boss. In the regular mode of Golden Temple, the boss will always be level 60. This one contains the monster card drop and also completes the quest that requires you to defeat Ravana. In the Mirror world, the boss difficulty depends on the party leader's current level. Once inside you will be greeted by Ravana, take him on and claim all the treasure the Golden Temple has to offer!

The rare Ravana Helmet
can be scrolled using the Scroll for Ravana Helmet of Chaos 50%
or by any other scroll for Helmet.

Big props and a big pat on the back to @Taboo for coding this event!

The event will end on 2018-06-25 00:00 UTC, until then go Bananas!
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May 26, 2018
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does the lvl 60 ravana have a chance to drop the helmet? even if its significantly lower than the higher lvl ones.
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