Improving the Smart Buff system

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Mar 12, 2018
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Currently with the Smart Buff system, whatever is the better buff/potion takes over and that's great, but I'd like to suggest as when that better buff/potion expires, the lesser one can still be in effect afterwards instead of having nothing.

For example, someone uses a Weather (15 minutes) then one person uses a Onyx Apple (10 minutes unless you're a NL). The Onyx Apple will take over as its the better buff no matter which one is used first, but atm when the Onyx Apple expires, the Weather buff doesn't apply anymore even tho there's still 5 minutes left to it.

Or if taking myself as an example, Blessing of the Onyx has a 1 minute duration and 2 minutes CD. If I were to pop a Wizard Elixir and cast Blessing of the Onyx, the skill will work for a minute as its the better buff, but when it expires the Wizard Elixir won't take over even tho there's 6 minutes left, meaning I'll have to re-use a Wizard Elixir everytime during that 1 minute CD which gets a bit annoying.


EDIT: Unless my memory did me wrong, different buffs/potions could be up at the same time but the better one took over. Just tested with Blessing of the Onyx, and when that skill is up, I can't use a Wizard Elixir at all anymore. If I use a Wizard Elixir first then cast the skill, the potion's icon gets replaced by the skill's instead of both being up. Haven't tested with Weathers/Apples or any other different types of buffs/potions so I'm not sure about those. For this suggestion to work I'd like to add a extra element to this; letting different buffs/potions icons being up instead of being replaced.
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Dec 9, 2017
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I can see where you're coming from and why this would be helpful, but unfortunately I'll have to deny this one. While theoretically it'd be possible for the server to "store" buffs before overwriting them, implementing this functionality would be quite the hack and only further uglify the buff handling code (which already isn't the nicest piece of code because of all the special cases that it needs to consider).

Letting different buff icons being up is not supported by the client. The whole buff stacking aspect etc. only came later, when Professions were added.
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