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Dec 3, 2017
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Dear Croosaders,

we still need media content for our home page and are asking for your help on this on again. We already received quite a few screenshots which I will sort out and add to the home page soon. But there were no volunteers to create promotion videos, so let's host a contest. By taking part you can win Credits. There's 2 sub contests and you may take part in both and make as many submissions as you want, allowing you to win a total of 100,000 Credits!

The contests start now and end on October 30th. Submissions made after that day will get declined!
After the contest has ended I will post all submissions and let our community choose the winners.

Toplist Banner Contest

Create a new banner for our toplist entry and send it to me in a private message with the title "Toplist Banner Contest".

  • The dimensions of this must be 468 × 60 px.
  • It must promote both versions (for this it may also be animated like our current one).

  1. 25,000 Credits
  2. 15,000 Credits
  3. 10,000 Credits

Promotion Video Contest

Record and edit a Progressive/Post-Big Bang server promotion video, upload it to your own YouTube channel and send me the link in a private message with the title "Promotion Video Contest".

  1. 25,000 Credits
  2. 15,000 Credits
  3. 10,000 Credits

Our logos (in red/gold and blue/silver) are attached if you need them.


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