Introduction My last first introduction.


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May 9, 2020
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Hello all!

My name is Sam and I’ve been playing maplestory for about 14 years on and off. This game has had a huge impact on me as I’ve been playing it for over half my life. As the title suggest, this will probably be the last introduction I create on a private server. This lockdown has given me free time like I have not experienced since I was in high school.

A senior now in college, I will be graduating soon and starting my career in secondary education. This is very bittersweet because I am passionate about education and hope to start focusing on things like having a family. In order to do this, I’ll have to leave many things behind,
including this game.

But enough about that.

About myself:

I turn 23 on June 14th

I’m a Texan (inb4 memes)

I’ve 4 dogs that I love a lot

I think that’s enough, let me just shout out my homies Brandon and Anja for introducing me to a lot of the people I’ve become friends with on this server. Also shout out to the homies I’ve made so far. I hope to be able to read this forum post in the future and remember a lot of beautiful memories with you beautiful people :,)

on a final note

Let’s discuss hip hop.




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