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Apr 16, 2019
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Hello friends!

I am holding an event for all new players to the server. If you are new to the server or recently returning you are welcome to participate!
If you are having some struggles with the server, maybe check out my guide as well :) (Click on 'my guide' lol)

How it works:
The quest period will be from 7/14/2020 to 10/14/2020 (tentatively), and all rewards will be given out in batches.
Each player will receive three quest options at different difficulties with corresponding rewards. The quests will be personalized taking into account a variety of factors.

This is where the fun starts!
I breakdown the rewards to be given based on the following difficulties:
Easy: Approximately 50m
Medium: Approximately 75m
Hard: Approximately 100m

Reward batches:
I will give out ~5 player rewards every so often. The first batch of rewards will be 9/14.

I can be swayed into offering a fourth quest option. This option is Extra Hard and will, as the name suggests, be extra hard. Should you manage to convince me to offer you an Extra Hard quest, you will still be able to turn it down and go with an Easy or Medium quest. Hard quests will be unavailable for anyone offered an Extra Hard quest. Extra Hard rewards will vary based on the actual difficulty of the quest. I’ll try my best to make the rewards fitting to the quest in one way or another.
Extra Hard: 300-500m or more

How to participate:
Message me individually on discord.
My discord is Omri#3556 and my ign is Rabbi

Much love,
-Rabbi Omri
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