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Dec 3, 2017
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Update (2020-09-26 11:45 pm):

Dear Croosaders,

I'm working on a new website (please refer to for more information) for quite a while already and now I'm ready to put it online. This will happen tomorrow (on 2020/09/25) and while I'm doing this you might encounter troubles accessing (parts of) the website. Not exactly sure at what time I'm setting it up and how long it takes but most likely not too long.

Some additional notes:
  • We're still waiting for the Bitcoin node to synchronize which means that the new cryptocurrency payment option does not work yet but this will change very soon.
  • The home page still needs to be updated, please refer to if you want to help.
  • The website is currently only available in English but we're planning to apply translations once everything else is done (thanks to the volunteers offering their help on this, I will contact you soon).


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