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Jun 3, 2019
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Hi I'm Wuzzy, I'm sorta new here which means that I'm also very poor sooooo... I'm selling art

This isn't really traditional art ig? It's a gradient, minimalist drawing similar to Final Fantasy logos but with Maple chars instead. Full color drawings probably coming at some point in the future, still working on a coloring style uwu

  • Don't rush me (gentle reminders are fine, though I'll probably complain about you if you spam me with reminders)
  • I like to take my time (like reaaaaaally take my time) and sometimes a commission can go up to like 2 weeks+ and most of that time is spent being lazy, which usually results in me needing to come up with an excuse on why there's hasn't been much progress. Sometimes I either lack inspiration or lose motivation so I need to take a lengthy-ish break before continuing on (I didn't forget about your commission don't worry~)
  • Payment first before I start (find me in-game @ Wuzzy or on Discord @ Wuzzy#4096)
  • Prices may change over time
  • DM me ASAP if you made a change to your form
  • I'll DM you with a sketch (please actually look at it and give feedback) and will move on to the final draft with your approval
  • Use either of these websites if you aren't sure what color gradient you want (this is optional). Avoid really pale colors (pastels are fine except pastel yellow which is hard to see) and also like very very dark gradients (black -> dark gray for example, since it's hard to see any color variation)
    https://www.color-hex.com/color-palettes/ | https://uigradients.com/#Terminal

Headshot - 500 mil

What you get...
  • Neck up portrait (head shot?) of your character
  • Background of your choice (if you want, most often some skill/nx weapon animation)

Character Pic -
Gradient Color -
Background -
Total -

Full Body - 750 mil

What you get...
  • Full Body Character Drawing
  • Capes AND weapons included
  • Background of your choice
Additional costs...
  • Pets - 50 mil per extra (up to 2)
  • Chairs - 50 - 200 mil (depends on how large/extravagant said chair is, you be the judge)
  • Additional Character - 500 mil (only 1)

Character Pic -
Add-Ons -
Gradient Color -
Background -
Total -

FrenchFry |

message me if you have any questions, thanks~
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