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Aug 18, 2018
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Hello guys, This is CangYue, otherwise known as ChuYuechan

Introduction (I guess?):
Since, peak v92, I have always been on and off when it comes to Croosade preBB and postBB. I have made many memories and many enemies. I have had many first experiences (first Horntail of my entire Maple career) and other(s). I have taken rank 1 Aran plenty of times to spur on my friend IGN: Sharkfin who should currently be the #1 Aran of the server. Shout out to you my Aran Teacher and Master. I haven't been keeping up personally. I will keep this short as I already spammed in game.

What's going on? Are you quitting? Wait, what's this about an event?
Answering your questions one by one,

1) Nothing is really going on, I just found a new private server that satisfies my needs for both PostBB content and PreBB content. All wrapped up in one server.
2) This does mean I'm officially quitting Croosade. (I might drop by and hene hoe in v92 if anything or go back on to say hi on my Aran ChuYuechan.) I might change my mind entirely and rejoin. Who knows what the future has in store.
3) The event I was thinking is a Zakum JQ event where you have a party of 6 people run and race to the finish, more info on that in a bit. It is entirely up to you to decide who you shall run it with.

The Event: [Race to the Finish]

You and 5 other friends (Honestly anybody is up for grabs and any party is fine with me. If you want to run with 5 other people who can finish the JQ in under 2 minutes go for it.)
Where: Zakum PreQuest Stage 2 (The Jump Quest)
When: Most likely on Saturday night around 8:00 PM PST, will update the times accordingly so check back occasionally to this post.
How: I am requiring you to sign up before the event actually begins. Be sure to post below your team of 5 including yourself.

Prize Pool:
I have about ~290 Gach Tickets, 1100 Cubes and some other neat stuff. If your team wins these items will be distributed evenly amongst the six people who won.

How to win:
I will be waiting at the final jump with your prize(s). All 6 members of your Team MUST FINISH the Jump Quest to be able to qualify to prizes. To Check for this I will require you to submit a photo in the Croosade Discord or just DM me if you're shy. The photo requires all 6 members including yourself, Proof you're all in a party AND I need to be in the photo. (I doubt you all will remember how I dressed my Bishop. Also, I could always change my look(s). Who knows?)

I can't get into the Jump Quest to practice?:
To be perfectly honest with you about 99% of all players know how to do the Zakum Prequest. Ask around and they will let you know.

More Info:
At first I wanted to give the prize to the top 3 players or the top 11 players. But then I have decided I wanted Blue vs Red team. But then I was like meh too much to keep track of. So thus, I decided for parties of 6. If no one shows up who is a party of 6 with the registered members then you will be disqualified even if you finish the Jump Quest. If no one shows up for the Jump Quest in general or no one with a valid party then the event will just be cancelled. If only one team of 6 shows up who is registered ahead of time. They will win it all without having to work for it. So be competitive! Fight your friends! Have fun! Beat your best times!

I could honestly care less if only one team shows up or 6 teams show up to participate. I will follow my rules and that will be all. Be sure to read the post carefully. So don't let your fellow Croosaders get ahead of you in gear/mesos for free without a fight.

What if one of my members bails on the party?:

You are allowed one Substitute member but has to be decided upon in your team's post below during the registration for the event.

What if I d/c mid event and my team X and Y's.
Pray you can log back in on time to win it all.

Team Names:
Sure, why not? Maybe I'll throw in xtra prizes if you come up with cool names. Who knows.

Registration is open now!

How do I register?:

Make a Post directly below that looks like this:

Team Name: Against the Gods

Participating Members:

Vice Leader:


Excuse my terrible sense of humor for the above . Yes, I love the guild Clouds. Shout out to all my Clouds members!! Love you all. I will miss you all.

Side note: (if you know what I mean by this team name, and how it relates to my IGN(s). I will love you forever)


Event. Register in a post below. Zakum prequest JQ. Team Name 6 Members One Substitute. Could care less about fairness so nab the pro(s). All you have to finish to complete the event is have all 6 members reach the finish line. I could care less if no one shows up or one party of 6 wins.

For more details see above!!!

I hope to see you all on Saturday at 8:00 PM PST.


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Proof of prize pool:


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Mar 21, 2018
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Thank you for taking the time to host a player event for the server!

Hopefully I’ll be able to join in but I’m not 100% certain yet due to time restrictions.

Are we allowed to run solo?


Aug 18, 2018
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To be honest with everyone, I think if people don't show up and no one registers, I will just have to keep moving the event back and or change the rules. To be honest, I will not allow dual clienting but I won't know whether you dual cliented or not. So its up to you guys as a community to prevent other players from nabbing ur sweet sweet rewards lol. I could care less since I am quitting.


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Aug 7, 2019
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Team Name: The BubbleTea Nation

Participating Members:
ill be adding more soon ;D
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Aug 25, 2018
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not even participating but figured i'd bump this as a reminder if you're still doing it today since everyone's prob sidetracked with v92's reboot

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