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Apr 16, 2019
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This guide is meant to be an all-purpose guide for new players to get started in Croosade!

Fresh Beginnings
Welcome to Croosade! If you are a new player, please join my event which can be found here <-- click to redirect to my other forum post.
This wouldn't be a proper introduction without at LEAST 2 shameless plugs. My event is the first one and my guild is the second!
R>Family! Join today for some friendly and helpful people, boss runs, regular GPQ runs, and more!!!!

You probably want to level up at first!
Training Guide
Provided by Ramen

lv10-30 Golems Temple
lv30- congrats on ur second job advancement!
lv30-50 CDs, Elinia Magic Academy or Gold Beach mobs/questline
lv50-60 Chryse quests or go as far right as you can and grind
lv60- congrats on ur third job advancement!
lv60-70 Continue Chryse or grind at Big Spiders for a Familiar!
lv70-85 Sahel 1 or 2
lv85-100 Roids
lv100- congrats on ur fourth job advancement!
lv100-109 RA Leech
lv100-110 Red-Nose Pirate Den 2
lv110-122 Crockys and make sure to keep 200 helms!
lv115-130 Golden Temple if you can't find a party at LHC
lv122-179 Castle Golems
lv140-160 Neo City if you can't find a party at golems
lv140-200+ DIPQ 5 times per day
lv165-179 Knights District 1 or 2
lv179-200+ Hall of Honour
lv193-200+ Warrior Grounds
lv200- congrats on reaching level 200!

Croosade highly encourages bossing to obtain boss drops as well as boss coins. Each player can pick up the boss coins so there is no need to fight among the bossing party! Many bosses require each member to deal 5% of the total damage to receive boss coins so make sure to take this into account when picking a bossing squad!
The bosses to be killed daily are listed below:
CHT or NHT x2 runs per day
CZAK or ZAK x2 runs per day
Ranmaru x2 runs per day
Madman Ranmaru x1 run per day (in addition to the two regular ranmaru runs)
Von Leon x1 run per day
Arkarium x1 run per day
Scarga x2 runs per day
CPB or PB x1 run per day
Emp x1 run per day
Root Abyss x1 run per day
Chaos Root Abyss x1 run per day
Hilla or Hard Hilla x2 runs per day
Gollux* x1 run per day (COMING SOON)

*Gollux requires each party member to get 10% to loot rather than the 5% that many other bosses require.

Most of these bosses have some sort of prequest that must be completed prior to running. I recommend you do the Root Abyss prequest at lv100 and start running it daily as soon as possible. The rest of the bosses can wait until you hit lv180 or even lv200 if you want.

Gearing up!
You made it to lv200, you did your prequests, and you are hitting 80k lines on your attacks. Great job. Time to get some gear if you didn't start beforehand!
Lv1-80 You should be getting free gear from the boxes on the left side of the client. If these boxes don't work for your class, either continue to use the lv10 gear (you will be fine), loot gear from mobs, or buy from players or shops.
Lv80 Try to get at least one piece of gear around level 80 to keep with you until around lv140 or lv150.

Now lets get to the Best In Slot items for each slot! I will also try to show which items belong in a set together with colors.

Progression is important in this game. I don't recommend starting off shooting for all the BIS items... take your time with this. Start with the first or second column and work towards upgrading to best in slot over time.


Armour SlotGood StartMid RangeBest in Slot
Hat/Top/BottomCRA Royal/Eagle Eye/Trixter
CRA Royal/Eagle Eye/Trixter
CRA Royal/Eagle Eye/Trixter
CapeElite Heliseum cape.pngEmpressicon.png, or Novaicon (1).pngJapanese icon (2).png
GloveEmpressglove.png or Japanese glove 2.pngHigh-Quality Dimensional Glove hq.pngHigh-Quality Dimensional Glovehq.png
ShoeEmpress shoe.pngor Novahq.pngEmpress shoe.pngor Novahq.pngEmpress shoe.pngor Novahq.png

Accessory SlotGood StartMid RangeBest in Slot
ShoulderTinkerer's Bluebs.pngTinkerer's Blue1606952892785.png or
BeltTinkerer's Blue bb.pngReinforced Golluxreb.pngSuperior Golluxsupb.png
EarringReinforced Golluxrr.pngReinforced Golluxrr.pngSuperior Gollux sr.pngor
Meister me.png
Pendant 1Reinforced Golluxrep.pngReinforced Golluxrep.png or Superior Golluxsupp.pngSuperior Golluxsupp.png
Pendant 2Dominator Pendantdom.pngReinforced Gollux1606953289841.pngSuperior Gollux1606953300596.png
Ring 1Lightning God Ringlgr.pngLightning God Ringlgr.pngLightning God Ringlgr.png
Ring 2Superior Golluxsupri.pngSuperior Golluxsupri.pngSuperior Golluxsupri.png
Ring 3Reinforced Golluxrr.pngReinforced Golluxrr.pngReinforced Golluxrr.png
Ring 4Tempest Ringtr.pngSolid Golluxsolr.pngMeister Ring mr.png
Eye AccessoryMystic Eye Accessorymyseye.pngChaos Pink Bean Markcpbm.pngChaos Pink Bean Markcpbm.png
Face AccessoryMystic Face Accessorymysface.pngMystic Face Accessorymysface.pngMystic Face Accessorymysface.png
BadgeGhost Ship Exorcistgse.pngGhost Ship Exorcistgse.pngGhost Ship Exorcistgse.png
MedalClass-Exclusive lv200 badge ws.pngDiving Into Reddir.pngMarvel Badge
Android HeartSuperior Lidium Heartslh.pngSuperior Lidium Heartslh.pngSuperior Lidium Heartslh.png

Weapon/Secondary/EmblemGood StartMid RangeBest in Slot
SecondaryFafnir or FearlessFafnir or FearlessFafnir or Fearless
EmblemClass-exclusive lv100+ emblemClass-exclusive lv100+ emblemClass-exclusive lv100+ emblem

Best-In-Slot Sets:
Each player should strive to have the following sets. Many of the alternative options for gear are *passable* but what is below is the absolute best-in-slot for the sweatiest among us.

1. Full Fafnir
2. Full Superior Gollux
3. 3 Meister items**
3. 2 piece Reinforced Gollux***
4. 2 Japanese

**3/4 Meister set is difficult to get and even harder to perfect. Some players don't think it's worth the grind. My personal opinion is that it is worth the grind if you are playing a class with a high watk modifier (like night lord or thunder breaker for instance).
For mages and classes with lower atk modifiers, getting a full superior set and a 2 piece reinforced set is totally good enough and the differences are marginal if noticeable at all.

*** I put this below the meister set because it's better than reinforced from a weapon or magic attack perspective. The 3 Meister set gives slightly more attack than the 2 piece Reinforced Gollux, but the Reinforced Gollux gives more to all stats.

Upgrading Gear:
Wow I have a full CRA/Fafnir set! I should be able to solo all bosses now right? Wrong. You are still weak af unless you scroll/cube ur gear properly.
To upgrade your gear you will need Miraculous Chaos Scrolls, Chaos Scrolls of Goodness, Safety Scrolls, Lucky Day Scrolls, Protection Scrolls and potential scrolls/cubes
Miraculous Chaos Scrolls (MCS) are most easily available from the Monster Park coin shop.
Chaos Scrolls of Goodness (Cogs) are most easily available from the Party Quest coin shop.
Safety, Lucky Day, Protection (SS, LDS, Prot) are most easily available from the Boss Coin or Party Quest shops.

Potential Scrolls can be acquired in many different ways. My personal recommendation is to get 100% Epic Potential Scrolls from the Root Abyss coin shop.
Cubes are available from all mobs. Which takes us to the next aspect of upgrading gear...

I can make a full-length guide on cubing along tbh but there already is a Cubing Guide made by Toph!
I put this section of the upgrading gear AFTER the scrolling section on purpose. For most items, it's recommended to at least start scrolling (try with MCS) before cubing so that you will know if you need to restart the item or if it's worth continuing. It's always sad to land a sweet potential on an item before ruining its stats with a chaos scroll... The trick is to MCS all your items and to start cubing everything generally while working on COGs for one particular item at a time.

There is not an established order of importance when cubing but it's important to keep in mind the item you are cubing. For example, I wouldn't recommend cubing a level 90 weapon because that will certainly be replaced fairly soon and it a waste of cubes. Try to cube the gear that will stick with you longest in order to be most efficient.

Alright, hurry up already! Get on with it buddy...

Almost all items can get 3 lines of regular potential which can be cubed up to Legendary tier.
If your item does not currently have hidden potential, you can try to add potential with one of the many types of potential scrolls. Like I previously said, my recommendation is to use the 100% epot scrolls but if you have 30% or 60% Unique Potential Scrolls from Gachapon, that's a great choice as well!

So you got a potential, revealed it, and its only 2 lines... what now?
I recommend using Silver or Golden Potential Stamps available from Party Quest coin shop or the Monster Park coin shop to add a third line of potential to a 2L item. It's possible to use regular RED cubes or Premium Cubes but they have a much lower rate to add a third line.

Weapon and Secondary weapons can be cubed for Boss Damage and Ignore Enemy Defence (IED) or W/Matk %.
Don't be fooled with Total Damage lines, total damage is trash. Recube.

Literally every other item except for gloves should be cubed for either %All Stats or %Main Stat.
You should start with 21% before upgrading to reach at least 27% and finishing with 30%+ per item.

Gloves are interesting to cube... They can get Min/Max Crit% which is ideal for end game gloves.
However, gloves can also get Decent Sharp Eyes or Decent Speed Infusion. These are great potentials as well.
Many players will have two pairs of gloves and will cycle through using each glove as needed.

Cubing/Scrolling Goals:
Each player should strive to reach 200% Boss Damage, 200% IED, and at least 10k+ main stat clean.
Anyone with these parameters can easily solo most bosses and can be competitive DPS in hard bosses such as CRA and Chaos Velum.
This can be done with ~100% on both weapon and secondary, and with 30% on most armour items.
If you want to get more than 5%-10% on hard bosses you will need to perfectly scroll your gear. This is a long term goal for sure but it's not hard to get started. If you follow my guide step by step and work towards getting all the BIS equipment and work on scrolling and cubing you will certainly get there eventually.

I think that's gonna be it for this guide for now! Please leave comments below or message me elsewhere to give me feedback or tell me what I missed!
I hope this helps new players and veteran players alike!
Thanks for reading if you did!

Peace, Love


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For ring/pendant/earring slot, many players run the Alien Fragment gear for their 3 set effect. Probably won't be Best in Slot after Gollux, but a competitive choice nonetheless!


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Apr 16, 2019
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For ring/pendant/earring slot, many players run the Alien Fragment gear for their 3 set effect. Probably won't be Best in Slot after Gollux, but a competitive choice nonetheless!
ty! i updated the guide!


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With the RA leech, kill the mobs in the map before the boss. It will give you like +3/4 extra levels or so. When I was done with RA leech, I was lvl 115-ish instead of 109.

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