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Dec 11, 2017
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Server Related Questions

Will there be a wipe?

When will the wipe happen?

Why waiting for the wipe when we can just do it right now?
The current server will be used for beta testing. We want everything to be completed for the wipe to happen. Please wait.

What will happen to our saved NX?
Wipe means deleting everything. Your NX won't be saved either.

What will happen to our credits?
Credits are shared within both servers, they are linked to your account. They won't get removed.

What will happen to our credit Perm NX?
They will be lost.

Will we be able to multi-client?
Yes, but you may not enter PQs and Bosses with more than 1 client.

Content Related Questions

Will there be class balancing/changes?

How can we obtain Gachapon Tickets in rebooted v92?
You can obtain tickets purchasing them in the Cash Shop and also from other sources that will be announced soon

What will happen with Chaos Scrolls?
Chaos Scrolls also drops from the mobs that should drop it. Rate is low (lower than regular scrolls), but we don't want Chaos Scrolls dropped like crazy.

What about Croosade Points?
Croosade Points are here to stay and with this 'AFK' points will also remain.

What will happen with the fusion system?
Fusion will be completely revamped and changed in some kind of a boss shop, which will be another source to get Chaos/White Scrolls from. Exactly how it will be after the revamp isn't known yet. We will keep you guys updated.
However I can tell you one of Harvey's ideas for end-game fusion. If you've perfectly scrolled your equipment, you can use fusion to 'enhance' your equipment further boosting it's stats.

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