Red Leaf High

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Dec 11, 2017
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Event Period: March 17, 2020 ~ April 16, 2020, 23:59
Only available to characters between levels 10 to 250

Hello Croosaders,
Hoping that everyone is staying safe, we are here to bring your dose of online classes in croosade, but with a twist.
Go back to classes with Red Leaf High, a totally normal school where you can get totems never seen before to boost your damage up!

Getting Started
To start participating in the event, you have to accept the quest [Red Leaf High] The New Kid. This quest is available via Lighbulb (on the left side of your screen), or you can talk to Boss Kumi in any main town (such as Henesys, Leafre, Ludibrium).
This is a repeatable quest that can be done once per day, and you will get three keys everytime, used to to enter Red Leaf High.


School Time!
You can access Red Leaf High talking to Boss Kumi. She will teleport you to the Homeroom.
You will be able to enter using the teleport to the right only if you have Keys.

When you enter to the dungeon, you will have to do different tasks, from confessing your love to beating up different people. Even your own teacher!
Every stage you complete will give you Oda Coins, which can be exhanged to the NPC Four Pillars of Heaven, for different totems to collect!

Will you get them all?


This event's shop is accessible by talking to Four Pillars of Heaven in Red Leaf High's Homeroom. It contains different totems for you to collect.

Totems List:
  • Tenacious Little Dragon Totem: Str +20, WATT&MATT +6
  • Mighty Joe Joe Totem: Dex +20, WATT&MATT+6
  • Clever Hermoninny Totem: Int +20, WATT&MATT +6
  • Beefy Ika Totem: Luk +20, WATT&MATT +6
  • And Many More!
dragon.png hermi.png ika.png joe.png kumi.png
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