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Jan 18, 2018
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Just how bad was the game for it to be closed so soon? There was the Maplestory 1 playerbase and lessons learnt from the first game to help Maplestory 2 and it still ended up failing?
Oof. Nexon. Didn't know it was possible to mess up this badly. On the Maplestory 2 reddit there were people insisting that the game wasn't dying, and that it just seemed like it was dying because of the hype of the initial release, but guess it really is dying- dead already actually.
Imagine if the money spent on GMS2 was spent on making an official preBB server, with class-balancing, events, modern features (like better friend system, dailies, new bosses).
Wonder how the Korean and Chinese versions are doing. From what I remember Korean Maplestory 2 is far below 1 in popularity ranking and is almost a dead game there too.
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Nov 12, 2019
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MS2 end-game just felt really boring. Grinding was pointless because you'd reach max lvl just by doing the main quest line. All you had to do is the same dungeons everyday/week. There also was a massive problem with hackers, you would ALWAYS encounter one doing any of the dungeons which was really annoying as well. It's a shame because I really had high expectations when it first released, the graphics, classes and skills were really cool.


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Mar 2, 2018
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Maplestory 2 was an okay game at best; I played during the beta and during release but pretty much stopped not even a month or so into playing. I think it's a good example of a game that's having an identity crisis because it doesn't really know what it wants to be and because of it there ended up being a lot of unnecessary systems that didn't add anything to the game at it's core. It was all bells and whistles without the functionality.

It completely missed what made the first game enjoyable and in turn just ended up being a very clunky 3D dungeon crawler that had a Maple theme; It felt like a spin-off game rather than a "sequel" (Which I guess it kind of was). You played through a really repetitive story line to level up which got boring very quickly, grinding for levels was pretty much useless unless it was on world bosses and the only end-game was playing the same dungeons over and over again which had a daily limit with only one optimal party for all of them pretty much.

Gearing up in the game was probably the least fun thing as it had no real identity; You rush to end-game and then play end-game dungeons, that's it pretty much.. I'm not even gonna talk about the enhancement system because honestly it isn't even worth mentioning; At least during the game's release patch damage barely mattered other than to just run through dungeons faster which already came down to just learning the mechanics in the first place.

The only good thing about the game was it's customization; I personally really enjoyed making clothing and being able to put it up for others to buy to make "NX" (Until of course they ruined this system by having it require NX to even make a listing). Other than that though, it was all padding and barely any game. The classes weren't fun to play nor did they have much customization (There was never anything to look forward too, no mystery or job advancements), the "Spirit" system that replaced MP sucked, the controls weren't great, allocating stat points felt pointless and it implemented a lot of systems for the sake of having them; A lot of modern bullshit no one really cares for.

It just lacked what made the first game unique; Progressing and getting gear in the first game felt good and you could see your character getting stronger while in 2 it felt like the game held your hand the entire time while also making sure you walk along a linear path with no deviation whatsoever. The classes lacked an identity and most of them felt like weird mutations of the original game's classes just all shoved together; The only interesting class the game had in my opinion was Bandit, but they were impossible to play properly.

Shrug. I think the game could've been a lot better if it took a more old-school approach instead of using modernized systems, but that's just me.

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