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Dec 10, 2017
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Hey guys!

I decided to step down as a GM and depart from Croosade altogether. As both a player and GM, many don’t understand that it is tough representing both the community and the staff, especially when there has always been a huge rift on both sides. You may not see it as a player yourself, but I will say with confidence that even though the staff haven’t necessarily been perfect, they’ve always been trying their best to create a genuine server for all.

The continuous hate that staff has encountered for years, along with the passive aggressive remarks, messages, assumptions, and disturbing actions I’ve seen individuals say or do to one another eventually became the breaking point for me here.

So to end with this, I’d like to send a message and it’s up to you to take it or leave it!

Be considerate and set aside your personal differences. Leave the personal anger that you had with a player(s) behind and move forward as an individual. It only takes one to make a difference and it doesn’t start with a guild, the community or staff, it starts with you.

See you around!! I hope to see the server move in all aspects in the future!

- Blue
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