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Dec 9, 2017
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  • Fixed bugs with Combo Attack introduced by last restart.
  • Fixed a bug where various summons didn't behave.
  • Fixed a bug where Nexon removed Phantom's 3rd link skill level.
  • Fixed boss achievements for: Chaos Horntail, Pink Bean, Ranmaru, Madman Ranmaru, (Chaos) Crimson Queen and (Chaos) Pierre.
  • Implemented Snow White spawn in Jaguar Habitat. It will spawn every 3-4 hours and stay alive for 15 minutes after spawning.
  • Implemented Tynerum Labyrinth.
  • General skill delay improvements for high ping players.
  • Removed multi-clienting restriction from Azwan.

  • New events are available: Mabinogi Crossover (Nao), Absolute Belt.

  • Fixed a bug where Unicorn Spike (Mercedes) and Falcon Dive (Hayato) crashed the game.
  • Fixed a bug where one or two Jett skills crashed other players.
  • Fixed a bug where wheels were consumed in Tynerum mini games.
  • Fixed a bug where hats/stones didn't fall in Root Abyss anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where there was an undefined PQ on rotation.
  • Fixed Advanced Charge (Paladin) damage.
  • Fixed Sharp Eyes (Wind Archer) for party members.
  • Fixed Crimson Sky Dock portal.

  • Version Update 142.
  • Added missing memo when you're expelled from a Guild while being offline.
  • Added top 10 searched items to Owl of Minerva.
  • Added some Personal Shop/Hired Merchants functions:
    • Both will now automatically load your Blacklist. People on it won't be able to enter your store. You can manually remove them if you want them to enter.
    • You can now kick people from your personal shop.
    • You can now see who visited your Hired Merchant! This is cleared if you stop managing your store.
  • Fixed a bug where Absolute Zero Aura didn't give status resistance effects to party members.

  • Surprise Style Boxes can now be purchased in the Cash Shop. The items obtained from them are tradeable and have an expiration of 30 days.
  • Fixed a bug where the entry limit check in Dimension Invasion PQ didn't work in certain cases.

  • Increased Ellin PQ points from 2300 to 2400.
  • Increased Escape PQ points from 1900 to 2000.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to re-enter Von Bon's space time crack after successfully defeating him inside.
  • Fixed a bug with Satellite Safety where it could break from effects that increase your skill levels.
  • Fixed event Rainbow Cloud mount.
  • Fixed issues with Full Moon Dream buff item.
  • Nether Slice will now affect boss monsters.

  • Increased Easter egg drop rate.
  • Fixed Ani's Box.

  • Implemented Easter Event.
  • Fixed Demon Avenger force shield potential.

  • Demon Avenger has been released.
  • Alien Visitor PQ has been released.
    • Level requirement: Lv. 200+ (recommended levels: Lv. 200~210).
    • You can enter it through Dimensional Mirror.
    • Rewards are comprised of VIP weapons and Alien Fragment accessories.
  • Fixed Superior Lidium Heart's equip flags. As a result, it will no longer be possible to trade it to other players before equipping it. It can only be moved through your own account using the Heart Sharing Tag.
  • Fixed Andy's Mastery Book for Xenon.
  • Triangulation (Xenon) now affects bosses.
  • Implemented High Altitude Flight skill for new mounts.

  • Fixed Hypogram Field (you may need to restart your client).

  • Xenon is released.
  • Removed "All Stats +12" line from Legendary pool.
  • Added mob resist cooldown to Smite Shield (Paladin); cooldown is shared with Entangling Lash (Xenon).

  • Changed party quest level checks to count Lv. 201+ players as Lv. 200.
  • Removed Kenta in Danger and Dragon Rider from PQ rotation system.
  • Fixed a bug where revive skills were able to be used in event maps.

  • Implemented Heart Sharing Tag (sold by Murt for 250 Croosade Coins).
  • Fixed scrolling hearts with certain newer scrolls.
  • Prevent pets from draining potions when affected by Crimson Queen Zombify.

  • Added Red Leaf High event.
  • Increased cube drop rate back to pre-Unleashed levels.
  • Fixed Crimson Queen Zombify stat glitch.

  • Pet equips for Harp Seal, Demon Metus, Demon Mors and Demon Invidia have been added to the Cash Shop.

  • Fixed Final Attack.
  • Fixed a bug where quest achievement details were showing wrong info.
  • Fixed issue with farm gem coupon.
  • Added chase effect/notice to Blue Pierre.
  • Implemented all [Root Abyss Daily] quests.

  • Improved Legendary rank cubing by removing most non-% stat lines.
  • Using Soul Stone, Heaven's Door etc. will no longer cost you a death in death count maps.
  • HP percentage attacks will no longer be reduced by Magic Guard/Power Guard/Meso Guard.
  • Removed 3 party members requirement from Cygnus.
  • Achievement changes:
    • Fixed bug where Obtain 10 billion mesos from monsters achievement was incorrectly triggered after 1 billion.
    • Removed Gachapon Ticket reward from Obtain x Equips from monsters achievements.
    • Fixed Explore all maps within Nautilus Harbor.
    • Fixed Explore all maps within Sleepywood.
    • Fixed Explore all maps within Fantasy Theme World.
    • Fixed Explore all maps within Minar Forest.
    • Fixed Explore all maps within Temple of Time.
  • Party quest adjustments:
    • Ludi: 2250 -> 2350
    • Orbis: 3100 -> 3200
    • Escape: 1800 -> 1900

  • Implemented Taboo's achievement system.
  • Implemented Bits system.
  • Added final Root Abyss storyline quests (except dailies).
  • Fixed a couple issues with DIPQ.
  • Fixed Crimson Queen rewards.
  • Removed normal Root Abyss requirement for 2 people.
  • Further party quest point buffs as per this post.

  • Implemented Dimension Invasion PQ.
  • Implemented normal Crimson Queen (v137 bug: She has 2.1b HP and doesn't transform or do much of anything really).
  • Implemented normal Vellum (v137 bug: It has less than half the HP it should have and there are some oddities about its attacks).
  • Fixed double key consumption in Root Abyss.
  • Fixed bug with Snipe when having the -100% cooldown hyper skill.
  • Fixed bug with Ether Pulse (Kanna) where MP would stop recovering.
  • Lowered timeout between party quests from 20 to 10 seconds.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Decreased prices for many PQ shop items.
  • Added options for purchasing untradeable versions of certain scrolls for cheaper.
  • MP shop has also seen some price adjustments. CoG 20% was replaced with 30% version.
  • Added Awakening Stamps to MP shop.
  • Point reward for Romeo & Juliet PQ was decreased from 3250 to 2750.
  • Pierre can now be fought in Root Abyss.
  • All normal version Root Abyss bosses will drop 1 Croosade Coin.
  • Added safeguard to Madman Ranmaru that warps the expedition out when the entire map is covered in fire.
  • Pets aren't taken away when entering some of the Ranmaru maps.

  • Added Monster Park ticket pieces to more monsters.
  • Added Superior Lidium Heart to Croosade Coin shop
  • Ranmaru and Madman Ranmaru are now available!
  • Changed PQ bonus to be checked and given party-wide instead of per player.
  • Fixed quest delivery completion.
  • Fixed a rare bug where it was possible to pick up very specific mob drops multiple times.
  • Fixed non-stop explosion with Lovely Sting.
  • Removed Tempest Teleport Rock from players' inventories. It was meant to be a temporary item.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to drop your Monster Book.
  • Fixed Morning Star autoban when used with Decent Combat Orders.
  • Fixed a bug where party members sometimes didn't receive Heroic Memories.
  • Fixed Haku's Blessing.
  • Fixed Falling Sakura's heal.
  • Fixed Cerberus Chomp's fury absorption.
  • Fixed recharging White Gold Throwing Stars/Bullets.
  • Croosade Coin is available for selection in item filter menus.
  • Removed Tempest ice reactor spawns.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where Inner Ability effects didn't apply because of legacy honor level checks.
  • Fixed problems with Willow Dodge (Hayato).
  • Fixed Binding Tempest (Kanna) for bosses.
  • Fixed equipping titles in a title bag.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Fixed Soul Bomb (Kanna) crash.
  • Fixed Shikigami Haunting final hit animation for remote players.
  • Fixed Haku's fan disappearing on relog/channel change.
  • Fixed HP calculation on Kanna when wearing equips that give MP.
  • Fixed 2h Weapon for MATK scrolls.
  • Fixed Pinnacle Scrolls. The weapon ones (which give +9 (M)ATK) have a base success chance of 20%, which decreases by 2% with every successful upgrade that your weapon has. This is the case regardless of which scroll type you used on the weapon before. Furthermore Lucky Day Scrolls do not apply to this scroll type. Diligence (multiplicative bonus) does apply.
  • Familiars will no longer deal damage to monsters that are more than 10 levels above your own level (damage is displayed but not applied).

  • Implemented Kanna.
  • Fixed Hayato 4th job master levels.
  • Fixed a couple bugs involving Buff Freezer (most notable on Luminous).
  • Fixed a bug where you were disconnected when attempting to use a chair that's in a bag.
  • Fixed a bug where certain new pets had an actual expiration on them instead of just turning into a doll.
  • Fixed a bug where Body Boost (Battle Mage) kept stacking Dark Aura effects when used again before it ran out.
  • Fixed a bug where HP percentage based attacks were reduced by defense skills.
  • Fixed Obisidian Skin (Demon Slayer) having no effect.
  • It will no longer be possible to enter the Christmas JQ via @event.

  • Implemented Hayato.
  • Implemented Twilight Perion quest line.
  • Fixed Monster Park Extreme.
  • Snow amount required to spawn Snowman has been doubled.
  • Snowman HP has been reduced by one third.
  • Fixed a bug where drop rate increase applied to everyone using Holy Symbol and party members even when they didn't have the hyper skill.
  • Fixed a critical issue with chair bags where bag contents were lost after logging off for a while.
  • Re-added level 200 world broadcast.

  • Monster Park Extreme is now available (note: Green Potions will not be available for now).
  • Devil Slime exp has been reduced to 1 (GPQ).
  • Fixed Unleashed/Pinnacle scrolls.
  • Fixed Snow Zone world broadcast.
  • Fixed Demon Slayer Lv. 200 quest (Love lost, but not forgotten).
  • Removed old code that screw up your inner abilities when reaching Honor levels 2/30/60.
  • Added a client hack that works around crashes regarding event quest popups.
  • Added a client hack that fixes the "standing in chairs" bug.
  • Updated ingame event list.
  • Removed Fly in the Sky! quest from light bulb list.

  • The Snowdrop Coin shops have been updated.

  • Decreased Snowman HP.
  • A world notice is shown when Snowman spawns.
  • Fixed a bug where Pendant of the Spirit bonus was lost when relogging while having the max bonus.
  • Fixed a bug where Paralyze froze bosses.
  • Fixed a bug where buddy list extensions required a relog to be visible.
  • Removed level 200 restriction from Ani.
  • Wheels will no longer be consumed in Arkarium and Azwan.
  • Fixed Echo of Hero.
  • Fixed an autoban caused by Inferno Breath.

  • Fixed a bug where Satellite didn't deal damage and crashed other players.
  • Fixed a bug where Unification Aura caused you to not lose HP at all under certain circumstances.
  • Level 2 link skill level has been set for existing players if the link character is Lv. 120 or higher. Link skill reset timer has been reset for all players for today.
  • Fixed a bug where players above Lv. 200 couldn't enter Kerning PQ.
  • Fixed a bug where Guild PQ didn't allow multi-clienting.
  • Added missing Christmas Box script.
  • Replaced old circulators that Hilla dropped with new ones.
  • Replaced untradeable CoG from Gachapon with tradeable one.

  • v137 Release.

  • Today it's been 2 years since Croosade launched! We hope to be able to continue serving you a better and better MapleStory experience over the next years.

  • Changed the way teleporting in Orbis PQ works.

  • The Root Abyss quest line can be started now and normal Von Bon is available. Since coding Root Abyss bosses properly takes quite long, the rest of the bunch may be put on hold in favor of managing a winter break release for Unleashed.
  • Heliseum quest line should be fully working for all jobs now (Magnus is not yet available, though). Be sure to thank Taboo for going through the pain of writing 150 scripts for this alone.
  • Attempted to fix a bug where CHT wouldn't die when dealing billions of damage in a short time.
  • Added various measures to Orbis PQ to prevent leeching and abusing the party leave function.
  • Changed Ellin PQ to warp everyone who's in the random portal stage to the next map.
  • Fixed a bug with the Gentle Breeze Fan quest.

  • Altered various party quest's exit option. You must now fully complete the PQ.

  • The Credit Shop has been updated:
    • Gender change is now available (for all jobs).
    • Added Medal Fusion Anvil.
    • Mount Box has been removed and will undergo a rework before it'll be back.
    • A "subscription" package is now available for 5000 Credits per month. It gives various perks that wouldn't be worth selling alone, including advanced item filter features, Smart Pet Pouch (Auto Feed) and Portable Storage. Effects are available account-wide, however if you wish to use the 3 pet pouches you get on another character, you must transfer them via Cash Shop manually.
  • Angelic Busters can now equip any Cash overall for their dressed up form.
  • Buff Freezers have been added to Cash Shop.
  • Price for a couple merchant items has been adjusted in Cash Shop.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Kaisers getting dispelled while having Tempest Blades up.
  • Fixed a messenger crash when one of the participants changed channels.
  • Fixed a critical bug where it was possible to lose items when trading a (non-equip) item for the same item and then putting it in storage.
  • Fixed quest counting for Quest Specialist title.
  • Inferno Breath's ground flames will no longer trigger DR.
  • Fixed a bug where Kaiser's Majesty reset hyper skill cooldowns when it shouldn't.
  • Hyper skills will no longer be affected by Buff Duration/Cooldown Decrease/Cooldown Ignore.
  • Added missing Perion Ardentmill portal.
  • Reactors for the Foreverfreeze Ice quest spawn in more maps and drop two items every time.
  • The ingame event list UI now displays proper information regarding Croosade's current events.

  • Implemented Tempest event.
  • Fixed Kaiser's Majesty not resetting cooldowns.
  • Fixed another bug that made Cubes/Gachapon Tickets untradeable.
  • Fixed issues with Tornado debuff for Wild Hunters/Mechanics.
  • Reverted Tempest Blades anvil change, it doesn't support displaying anvil'd items in this version.
  • Removed ATT set effect from Demon and Dragon pets.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Fixed various issues with Tempest Blades.
  • Frenzied Soul (Evan) now applies to party members.
  • Disabled damage reflect for Supreme Supernova and Wing Beat, The Morning Star and other similar skills.
  • Fixed Kaiser's Majesty not resetting cooldowns.
  • Cash items purchased from FM merchants will no longer become untradeable (this has already been the case for Cash Trades since v127).
  • Shammos quest line is available for new jobs.
  • Silent Crusade portals can be entered 20 times per day instead of 15.
  • Stance buff is now part of the smart buff system.
  • Internal fixes.

  • New Royal hair/face rotation is up. The Cash Shop preview is once again accurate now.
  • Fixed a client bug where Kaisers were unable to unequip their secondary.

  • A world broadcast is now displayed when someone gets a permanent item from the Halloween Pumpkin Box.
  • Players that have lost boxes due to the bug today had their box(es) restored.
  • Soul Seeker will not trigger DR anymore.
  • Fixed Angelic Buster recharge quest.
  • Fixed equipping emblems.
  • Fixed a bug where Mechanic's GX9 gates were not removed from PQ instances when re-entering.
  • Fixed Vampire (UA Thief/Night Walker) and Shark Wave (UA Pirate) when Shadow Stars/Infinity Blast is buffed.
  • Fixed Buccaneer Blast and Shark Wave when not being equipped with a weapon.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Kaiser and Angelic Buster can now be created!
  • Newly obtained Cash items can now be traded multiple times.
  • Fixed bind effect for Armageddon (Luminous). Cooldown is shared with Binding Darkness (Demon Slayer).
  • Resurrection of the Hoblin King and Ice Knight will no longer be on bonus rotation.
  • Ice Knight will no longer give PQ points.
  • Fixed some Luminous quests.
  • Fixed Demon Slayer mount.
  • Fixed Combo Recharge - Combo Up.
  • Old Dual Blade Masks can now be shared within account too.
  • HP recovery potential gives its effect now.

  • Fixed a bug where Jett didn't get any SP on Lv. 10.
  • Fixed Luminous ToT quest.
  • Fixed Roger's Apple when you have a lot of HP due to character cards or link skills.

  • Fixed a bug where the current PQ rotation was only visible in the NPC after a PQ has been completed.
  • Added stance to Elvish Blessing (Mercedes).
  • Fixed Unlimited Combo (Aran).
  • Fixed Summon Onyx Dragon (Evan).
  • Fixed Perseverance (Brawler).
  • Fixed Satellite (Mechanic).
  • Fixed Marbas portal for Luminous.
  • Fixed Full AP/SP Resets from Cash Shop.

  • Added a workaround for pet auto buff issues in combination with the smart buff system.
  • Fixed Shadow Stars/Infinity Blast pet auto buff.
  • Fixed Mihile's Empress Shout.
  • Implemented title change function for FM shops.
  • Patched a client oddity where it wouldn't allow you to use Innocence Scrolls on equipment sometimes.
  • An issue where Dual Blades created after July were forced to distribute one of their 4th job SP to an earlier job has been fixed.
  • An issue where Mihile didn't get 5 AP on 3rd/4th job advancement has been fixed.
  • An issue where the master level that was displayed for some Aran and Dual Blade skills was higher than the max level has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug where Phantom was gaining MP from Carte Noire.
  • Fixed crashes/bugs with weddings introduced by v122.
  • Fixed Omok.

  • Added Evolving Ring Event (starts 3 hours after the restart).
  • Added Chaos Pink Bean.
  • The average level for party quests is now based on the lowest and highest level in the party only. This means that any Lv. 160+ player can do PQs with Lv. 200 players.
  • Fixed issues with pet auto buff while in a trade/shop.
  • Fixed a bug with buying opposite gender equips for your Android in Cash Shop.
  • The following medal quests are now functional:
    • Light Spender
    • Play To Live
    • Living on Tickets
    • Pick Up Artist
    • Junk Collector
    • Walking Warehouse
    • Antienvironmentalist
    • Adventurebound
    • Thrillseeker
    • Funhound

  • Fixed Mirrored Target crash.
  • Fixed Balrog PQ.
  • Fixed a bug where creating a Phantom bugged your account under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where other players didn't see any of your equipment when wearing a pet equip that is invalid for the current pet in slot 2 or 3.
  • Fixed issue with Dojo ranking timer.

  • Implemented Cash Shop search.
  • Implemented New Mechanic Weapon and Secret Mech Ability quests.
  • Fixed a bug where the same PQ was put on rotation twice.
  • Fixed Smokescreen not working on bosses.
  • Fixed Innocence Scroll 60% description.
  • Players with old versions of Special Potential Scroll had it converted into tradeable/stackable ones.
  • Re-added Carta's Pearl to Cash Shop.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Added Crusader Coin drops to Zakum, Chaos Zakum and Cygnus.
  • Fixed Danger Zone Taxi in Ellin Forest.

  • Added Croosade Coins to Hilla (Normal: 1, Hard: 2~4).

  • Fixed bugs introduced with previous restart.
  • Mu Lung Dojo ranking has been extended to 20 slots.
  • PQ bonus is once again randomized hourly, but in a staggered fashion.
  • Fixed a bug with Hilla where players could get back into the fight after the death count reached 0 under certain circumstances.
  • Changed the way Escape PQ warping works because it was abused.

  • Hilla is now available.
  • Mu Lung Dojo Ranked Mode is now available.
  • Fixed bug where bonus PQs were randomized every 1 hour instead of 4 hours.
  • Fixed Pirate PQ not rewarding bonus points.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Changes have been done to the PQ system:
    • There are now always two party quests that give you 25% bonus points per run. They are randomized every 4 hours. Talk to Point Exchanger in order to find out which PQs are being incentivized this way at the moment.
    • There's a 5% chance to gain 5 times the amount of points at the end of a PQ (the chance is computed for each party member, not for the whole party).
    • Base point reward for Dimensional Crack has been reduced from 1750 to 1600.
    • Base point reward for Remnant of Goddess has been increased from 1250 to 1600.
  • Pink Zakum can now be accessed through @event as well in case the walkie-talkie disappeared for you. The join time has been increased to 2.5 minutes.
  • Fixed bugs with cutscenes that have been happening since v116 (esp. Demon Slayer and Cannoneer).
  • When swapping out an equipped stolen skill, any active buff from it will be cancelled. This change matches GMS behavior at the time of Phantom release.
  • Added a workaround for a rare bug where taking ores out of bags could cause them to disappear and bug your inventory.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Pink Zakum is now available as part of the Renegades event.
  • Cosmos Dust Solidifier can now be used whenever the timer is below 7 days, meaning you can extend it up to 14 days as often as you want.
  • Removed "shareable once" limitation from account shareable equips.
  • Fixed a bug where Silent Crusade items couldn't be put into storage at all even though they were stated to be account shareable.
  • Fixed using Roll of the Dice when it was already buffed.
  • Patched Shammos quest line to be accessible for Phantom and Jett.
  • Patched Maple Warrior mastery books to work for Jett.
  • Fixed a bug where using Azwan scrolls on an equip that didn't have enough slots with Legendary Spirit got you stuck.
  • Fixed Black Mountain Hill Monster Park dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting in certain quest maps could get your character stuck.
  • Fixed an issue with Passive Skill Level +1 inner ability.
  • Added Accessory for ATT/MATT 15% scrolls to Renegades shop.

  • Added missing Phantom storyline quests.

  • Added a handful of missing Victoria Island quest scripts.

  • Lowered prices for CoG, Innocence Scroll and Protection Scroll in the PQ shop.

  • Added additional Renegades event quest: Complete Azwan 3 times (Hard/Hell mode).
  • Fixed a bug where Renegades PQ quest didn't complete.
  • Fixed Full SP Reset Scroll for Phantom.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause item loss when taking items out of storage that go into a bag.
  • Fixed a bug with title items where they would stop giving you stats after changing maps.
  • Fixed boss loot notification for Empress equips.
  • Carte Noire won't trigger damage reflect anymore.
  • Changed warping in various PQs.

  • Renegades shop is now available. Further avenues of obtaining coins will be added in the next few days.

  • Fixed Silent Crusade Mastery Book and Silent Crusade Weapon Scroll.
  • Luden's Mastery Book now gives a job-specific Mystery Mastery Book instead of 5 normal Mystery Mastery Books.
  • Patched Lion King's Castle maps to once again allow rock teleporting.

  • Fixed Advanced Dark Aura (Battle Mage) damaging friendly mobs.
  • Fixed Spirit Surge (Mercedes) damage buff.
  • Fixed wrong message when protecting Ifia.

  • Ariant Battle Arena and Sharenian Guild Quest have been disabled because Nexon removed them from the game.
  • Implemented item filter (type @filter in chat). So far you may add 40 items to a blacklist. Whitelisting option and limit removal will be available through Credits later on.
  • Active settings that a player may have forgotten about (megaphones being hidden, whitelist item filter being active) are displayed in chat upon login now.
  • Removed daily coin limit from Azwan.
  • Fixed a bug where Azwan wouldn't reward coins in party mode under certain circumstances.
  • Added missing level check to Azwan party mode.
  • Fixed Jett's Core Aura stats not increasing as you level up.
  • Fixed Counterattack (Jett).
  • Fixed Phantom issues related to skill level (incl. magic attack autoban).
  • Vol D'Ame will also remove weapon/magic immunity when stealing DR.
  • When deleting a stolen skill, any active buff from it will be cancelled.
  • Fixed Time Leap master level.
  • Fixed bug with Time Diver quest (Neo City).

  • Added various missing Phantom storyline quests.
  • Added "Where You Came From" quest (Dual Blade).

  • Added "Seeking Lost Memories" quest (Phantom).

  • Fixed a crash with friendship/couple rings (requires client restart to take effect).
  • Fixed title items not giving their stats.
  • Fixed error 38 when viewing family tree/inviting juniors.
  • Fixed error 38 when sending party applications.
  • Fixed error 38 when Profession crafting fails.
  • Fixed Arcane Aim.
  • Deleted old Wings skill.
  • Fixed a bug where other players were invisible after doing certain Phantom/Jett job advancement quests.
  • Added Jett mastery books to Mystery Mastery Book.

  • Update v116: Renegades x Mutiny.
  • Dropped support for edited Item.wz and UI.wz files. Please do not attempt to edit these files.
  • Miracle Cubes and Gachapon Tickets drops now have a highlighted icon for all players.
  • Loot notifications are sent to players in the map when important boss drops are picked up (Ark Ring recipes, Empress gear, Nine Spirit's Egg).
  • Lucky Day Scrolls and Protection Scrolls are once again tradeable.
  • Added Miraculous Chaos Scroll to Monster Park shop (2 fiddy).
  • Added Chaos Scroll of Goodness to PQ shop (1 fiddy).
  • Replaced Innocence Scroll 20% with 60% in PQ shop (1 fiddy).
  • Fixed bug where players were unable to proceed to the boss stage in Orbis PQ.
  • Fixed bug where Ice Demon/Glacier Chain froze bosses.
  • Certain customizations (items that normally wouldn't be on sale) have been removed from the Cash Shop because they were increasingly causing crashes.

  • Minor changes to the cubing system as per suggestion thread.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to sell Coin Purse to an NPC.

  • Increased max password length to 127 characters.

  • Fixed a critical bug where coins could disappear from a bag when unsuccessfully trying to spend them in a shop.
  • Fixed possible issue with A Heroic Rescue Masteria quest.
  • Fixed bug where you still got stats from an equip in an expired pendant slot (again -- Nexon has not one but two client bugs causing this now).
  • Slightly reduced PQ point gain from Dimensional Crack.
  • Internal improvements.

  • Fixed a bug where 2nd job Cannoneers couldn't put skill points into 1st job skills after using a reset.
  • Fixed Empress Prayer being removed upon dying.
  • Fixed bug where Empress's Blessing was linked to a low level Cygnus Knight even though a higher one exists.
  • Fixed issues with Coin Purse.
  • Fixed black screen when using Owl of Minerva from different channel.
  • Fixed Cleansing Potion.
  • Internal improvements.

  • Joyous 7th event has been added.
  • Fixed a bug related to link skills (not unlinking properly etc.). This may require that you relink the skills, so please check after the restart. All link skill cooldowns from today have been cleared.
  • Credit/NX trading is now handled by Credit Union in the FM, since Inkwell has switched occupations.
  • Disabled all skills in Dimensional Crack Stage 3.
  • Pink Bean prequest has been modified to require only one of each mask. Furthermore it resets at 00:00 UTC like all other bosses.
  • Mount collection medals (Easy Rider, Ride Collector, Tiny Legs) are now obtainable.
  • Fixed a bug where not all medals showed up in Character Info.
  • Title items (above your head) show for other players now.
  • Fixed Master of <Profession> 1-5 quests (except Smithing 4 & 5, Acc. Crafting 4 & 5).
  • Coco Card is rewarded by the Silent Crusade quest that requires you to kill it. Existing players have had the card added to their monster book.
  • Items that have an active item guard can no longer be cubed. Use this if you're 100% sure you're not going to re-cube (or scroll) an item anytime soon and don't want to risk misclicking.
  • Berserk (Dark Knight) visual effect should now line up with the actual stat boost.
  • Allowed Mercedes job for some quests where Nexon forgot it.
  • Players that are permanently banned have had their Lv. 200 NPCs removed.

  • Fixed Noble Mind.
  • Fixed Innocence Scroll not working on equips with no available slots.
  • Fixed Abnormal Status Duration reduction potential.
  • Fixed bug that allowed creating shops near portals.
  • Fixed Sharp Eyes damage.
  • Fixed Divine Shield (Paladin) giving wrong WATK amounts at times.
  • Fixed Enrage (Hero) giving only 40% instead of the advertised 60% damage at max level.
  • Fixed Teleport Mastery (Blaze Wizard).
  • Fixed patrolling mobs.
  • Added Human Cushion medal.
  • Added various missing quest drops.
  • Disabled Croosade Coin damage check for Arkarium.
  • Required damage for coins has been raised back from 3% to 5% as was originally announced for v105.
  • Internal improvements.

  • The following PQs received a buff in PQ points rewarded: Ellin Forest, Ice Knight, Kenta, Kerning, Ludibrium, Escape.
  • The following PQs received a nerf in PQ points rewarded: Henesys

  • Fixed deadlock related to familiars.
  • Fixed Arkarium's Ultimate (it was used too often).
  • Fixed more issues with bags.
  • Certain quests can not be used with quest delivery anymore.
  • Please note: Noble Mind can be obtained but will have no effect on your main until the next restart.

  • Fixed putting cash items in merchants and Cash Trade.
  • Fixed Aura Pendant showing up in the wrong slot.
  • Fixed bug where skill points from the Empress's Blessing quest weren't given.
  • Fixed being unable to open bags under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed entering Arkarium expedition.
  • Netherworld Monks now drop potions to get rid of the Death Mark debuff.
  • Added Recovery Aura (Evan) HP recovery effect.
  • Fixed Leaf Tornado (Mercedes).
  • Fixed Enhanced Flame Launcher (Mechanic).
  • Fixed Cygnus Knight Lv. 110 quests.
  • Fixed Battle Mage's Awakening quest not being available after doing Boulder Muncher Test.
  • Various minor quest/drop-related fixes.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Server has updated to v110.
  • Please note that Carved Seals (Potential Stamps) weren't officially supported in this version; they are thus using the Premium Miracle Cube UI, but that doesn't change anything about their function.

  • Manon and Griffey have been changed to drop two monster cards each time.

  • Fixed bug that resulted in losing NX a while after doing an NX trade via Inkwell.
  • Removed vein/herb spawns in HTPQ.

  • Familiar drop/meso rate nerf has been changed from -90% to -85% (e.g., Big Spider now gives 9% Drop/Meso Rate instead of 6%).
  • Drop rate buffs have been changed back to be multiplicative with regards to the server rate. Similar types of buffs are additive in regards to each other. E.g., with a 9% Familiar buff, your effective rate is 3.27x. If you additionally have a Wealth Acquisition Potion, your rate is +19% (3.57x).
  • In addition to Credits trading, Inkwell now also allows you to sell NX to other players for mesos.
  • Adventurer 4th job advancement can now optionally be done in a party.
  • Fixed a bug where chalkboards didn't close when entering FM rooms.
  • The Legends Equipment Gift quests (Lv. 10-70) will run a while longer to support new players.
  • Internal improvements.

  • Added the possibility to earn cubes for completing select PQs for this week only:
    • Monday: Orbis PQ Ludibrium PQ
    • Tuesday: Ludibrium PQ
    • Wednesday: Romeo or Juliet PQ
    • Thursday: Romeo or Juliet PQ
    • Friday: Ellin Forest / Poison Haze PQ
    • Saturday: Escape PQ
    • Sunday: Dragon Rider PQ

  • Added Old Envelope drop to Monster Park.

  • Familiars are now available! Check Taboo's update post for all the details.
  • Decent Speed Infusion can now be obtained on Unique items.
  • Fixed Spikes Royale and Demon Cry not applying to bosses.
  • Fixed tamed mob not getting tired.
  • Fixed new facial expressions not displaying to other players.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to use mounts in Escape PQ.
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to set an item title on a crafted equip.

  • Implemented Ice Knight PQ.
  • Implemented guild skills.
  • HTPQ can now be run with 2+ players instead of 6.
  • Fixed Challenge Gaga after first day.
  • Fixed certain buffs being dispelled even though they shouldn't be (e.g., Great Fortitude).
  • Fixed a bug where you got kicked at the end of PQs when being the last person left.
  • Fixed a bug where random Festival of Lights quest showed up in quest log after doing Astaroth.
  • Fixed a bug where Monster Park bosses sometimes didn't spawn.
  • Made Cubes/Gachapon Tickets that somehow turned untradeable tradeable again in players' inventories.
  • Client correctly shows daily trait cap.

  • Cash items can now be sold in merchants. Cubes, Premium Cubes and Gachapon Tickets can be traded infinitely, everything else just once.
  • Added support for skills from set effects.
  • Fixed problems with PQ stages not clearing/clearing multiple times.
  • Removed teleport rock limit from some maps (Cave of Trial, Clocktower Bottom Floor).
  • Changing channels in Broken Corridor will no longer kick you out.
  • Daily trait limit has been raised to 3000.
  • HP/MP recovery potential lines (every 4 seconds) work now.
  • Fixed Early Bird Trophy.
  • Clothes Collector in Henesys can be used to delete unwanted NX equips.
  • Adjusted some maple tips to deliver Croosade-specific information.
  • The Credit Shop now offers the option to swap character names within your account as well.

  • "Timesplitter" :rolleyes: 1-h Axe, BW and Katara have been added to Cygnus.
  • Added premium trait potions to the Monster Park shop.

  • We've added a second gateway server. The client now allows you to choose which server to connect through. If you've often experienced lag or disconnections on the first server, switching may provide you with better connectivity.

  • Rose Clipping now drops from Gold Flowers/Heartstones.

  • Fixed deadlock.
  • Fixed purchasing new friendship rings.
  • Added Sky High quest for completeness' sake.

  • The revamped Wedding system is now available. Players who got engaged (but didn't marry) before v105 or attempted to marry after v105 but before this restart may need manual fixing in the next couple days.
  • Kenta In Danger PQ is now available.
  • Fixed White Angelic Blessing.
  • Added Rurumo mini boss to Lab 103.

  • Added For Beginner Herbalists / Miners quests.
  • Increased Cube/Gachapon Ticket drop rate scaling factor.
  • Fixed a bug where The Party Quest Five! didn't complete when doing more than 5 PQs.
  • A resist effect is now shown when Abnormal Status Resistance procs.
  • Fixed Double Mastery chance (Diligence).
  • Added Willpower gain from certain mobs (Dojo).
  • Binding Darkness (Demon Slayer) now applies to bosses (with a 60 seconds cooldown).
  • Unicorn Spike (Mercedes) now applies to bosses.
  • Counter Crush (Cannoneer) now blocks damage.
  • Moved Deet and Roi to Authorized Personnel Only; added D. Roy to Area C-3.
  • Follow will no longer work in jump quest maps.
  • Fixed an issue with follow.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to teleport to Maple Island.
  • Fixed a bug where Dual Blade job advancement was possible below Lv. 10.
  • Fixed Mount Soaring.

  • The party member requirement for Romeo/Juliet has been adjusted to 3 or 4 players.
  • The minimum party member requirement for Normal Balrog has been lowered to 2.
  • Required Pirate Marks in PPQ have been lowered from 20 to 10 each.

  • Android Naming Coupons work now.
  • Fixed a bug where androids still spawned even though no heart was equipped.
  • Fixed Dimensional Crack PQ.
  • Fixed boss attacks for Bodyguards, Female Boss and The Boss.
  • Fixed Cannoneer being unable to get the Lv. 200 medal.
  • Fixed Mercedes being unable to start the Lv. 200 quest.
  • Fixed Mirror Image and Flying Assaulter mastery levels.

  • Escape Party Quest is now available.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred with party search.
  • Fixed Money Wave (Cannoneer).
  • Fixed Curse of Fury/Max Fury additional gain (Demon Slayer).
  • Fixed boss attacks for Scarlion, Targa and Toad.
  • Fixed Buffoon card.
  • Fixed event shop Potential Scroll.
  • Fixed link skill reset error.
  • Added a client hack that works around the bugs that start occurring after a system uptime of ~24 days.
  • Added a client hack that fixes Illusion Step evasion (Marksman).
  • Body-based attacks no longer trigger damage reflect.
  • Monster Park Coins can be picked up by all party members individually now.
  • Disabled androids, pets and skills in Fitness Test.
  • Slightly changed the algorithm that picks an automated event to unfavor the event that ran last time.
  • Fixed up wrong party quest levels that were given by PQ NPCs.
  • Fixed bug where gather cooldown applied to yourself as well instead of other players attempting to harvest it.
  • Added One-Handed Axe/BW to Von Leon shop.
  • Fixed oddities with Nihal Desert taxi.

  • The Credit Shop now sells a Random Mount Box, featuring 32 mounts at the moment.
  • Fixed Pendant of the Spirit crash.
  • Fixed issues with Demon Fury.
  • Fixed Vengeance paralysis duration.
  • Skills are now disabled in Bomberman and Russian Roulette.
  • Fixed Fitness event not giving trophy.
  • Fixed Dragonoir spawn in DRPQ.
  • Limited the amount of results party member search yields.
  • Added missing Shiny Light Bulb drop.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when changing an android's equips.
  • Fixed Griffey portal.
  • Internal fixes.

  • v105 Release.
  • Cygnus weapon drop rate has been increased slightly.
  • Chaos Zakum and Chaos Horntail now also drop recipes.
  • Fixed a bug where Soaring couldn't be used with Infinity.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when skill effects were sent while being morphed (e.g., Cygnus Pig debuff).
  • Fixed Charm exp for Cash shields & earrings.
  • Phantom Imprint applies to mobs that are strong to darkness (e.g., Pink Bean).
  • Fixed regressions that occurred in the last maintenance regarding summon attacks and Balrog quest.
  • Weddings won't be available for a couple days.

  • Damage check has been reduced to 3% until v105.
  • Von Leon is now also exempt from the check.
  • Summon and DoT damage now count towards the check.
  • Fixed another bug that could reset an android's looks.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Added support for certain set effects that can be found in Von Leon and Empress sets.
  • Dream Key can no longer be made when already having one.
  • Fixed Lord Balrog not counting towards quest.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to accept certain Magatia quests.
  • Improved Family privileges (higher stats and Party Speed/Jump is once again 30 minutes).
  • A damage check system for bosses that drop Croosade Coins is now in place.
    • You need to deal at least 5% damage to the boss in order to be able to loot coins.
    • Which phase/part of the boss you attack does not matter (e.g., Zakum Arms count).
    • A notice will be displayed when the boss dies detailing who dealt how much damage.
    • Cygnus is exempt from this system.

  • Megaphone prices have been lowered to their original price.

  • Fixed problems with certain flying summons.
  • Fixed rare crash when using Avatar Megaphone.
  • Fixed a bug where swapping two equips that both have the same Decent skill removed the skill.
  • Fixed issues with Android Beauty Shop.
  • Fixed Aquarium FM portal destination.
  • Fixed issue that occurred when attempting to trade Credits for 1 meso.

  • It is now possible to trade Credits with other players. Inkwell in the FM handles such trades.
    • Like normal trades, Credit trades are between two players. There is no open market.
    • The seller needs to talk to the NPC first in order to make a trade offer.
    • The buyer can then talk to the NPC and accept or decline the trade.
    • The global tax of 6% for mesos applies here as well.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could glitch maps (as happened with The Passage).
  • Bag support has been improved (crafting and other game features can now consume items that are in a bag).
  • The "built-in" Magnifying Glass (through Insight) is now functional.
  • Internal improvements.

  • Fixed a bug where recipes reappeared after logging off for a while.
  • Lucky Day Scrolls will no longer consume White Scrolls even if the player agreed to it.
  • Implemented Diligence scroll success chance. Lucky Day Scrolls are additive, Diligence is multiplicative (e.g., a 10% scroll will be (10+10)*1.1=22% at Lv. 100 Diligence).
  • Implemented Silent Crusade Weapon Box shop.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Androids to reset their style after logging off.
  • Fixed equipping gender-restricted Cash equips on Androids if your character is the opposite gender.
  • Mechanic mode is cancelled when Dark Tornado or Morph debuff is applied.
  • Moved Deet and Roi area boss to Lab - Area C-3.
  • Increased maxPerSlot for Croosade Coins to 1000.

  • Increased Homunscullo's card drop rate.

  • Added missing meso drops to Mushroom Shrine, Sakura Castle, and Showa Town.

  • Access to Happyville has been removed.
  • Fixed Maple weapons not dropping since last restart.

  • Cygnus expedition can now be attempted.
  • Implemented Android Beauty Shop.
  • Fixed heart scrolling.
  • Fixed bug where shoes couldn't be equipped on Androids.
  • Fixed an issue where Androids caused a disconnect when entering certain maps.
  • Bags are now functional.
  • Max member count for all guilds has been increased to 30 if it was lower.
  • The drop rate of Mystery Mastery Books has been reduced.
  • Crafted equipment now sells for the correct price.
  • Infinite and Flaming Throwing Stars can be recharged.
  • Fixed Life Drain (Dual Blade).
  • Fixed pet potions being reset when opening the equip UI while no pet is activated.
  • Fixed a client bug that caused a crash when Piercing Arrow was used with Combat Orders. The 7th hit will always miss, regardless.
  • Fixed a bug where Pink Bean wasn't affected by mob debuffs.
  • Fixed a bug where Buff Mastery made players unable to use to their mounts.

  • Updated the client to make it more resilient against Wine freeze issues on Mac. In particular, it should prevent freezes with: Pirate skills, feeding pets, hitting Cloud Foxes/Advanced Knights.

  • Updated Pink Bean drops.

  • Updated Royal Hair and Royal Face.
  • Implemented Androids.
  • Fixed a bug where Heartstones/Golden Flowers spawned at odd locations.
  • Fixed a bug where shuffled reactors (e.g., in quest maps or CWKPQ) ended up at wrong positions because of gather reactors.
  • Trading one-of-a-kind items of the same type works now.
  • Added insight gain for revealing potential.
  • Fixed an issue where Satellite Safety 25 was not obtainable.

  • The Croosade shop is now available! It can be accessed by talking to Murt in Lion King's Castle. You must complete the quests required to access the Von Leon shop. More items and bosses will be added as we progress. All members of the party receive the coins when looted.
    Bosses that drop Croosade Coins:
    • Zakum: 1-3
    • Chaos Zakum: 2-4
    • Horntail: 2-3
    • Chaos Horntail: 2-4
    • Pink Bean: 2-4
    • Von Leon: 2-3
    • Cygnus: 3-5
    • Targa: 1
    • Scarlion: 1
  • Premium Miracle Cubes have an increased chance to add a third line to your equipment (10% instead of 1%).
  • Implemented the Diligent Explorer medal challenge. Note: Play time updates every hour you've been logged in.
  • Fixed a bug where Fusion gave potential to items that shouldn't have it. Existing items have had it removed.
  • Fixed a bug where Fusion didn't add the "Crafted By" tag to equipment.
  • Fixed a bug where the Angelic Blessing buff wasn't removed when swapping the ring instead of unequipping it.
  • Fixed a bug where certain recipes were removed from the player even though they should have infinite use.
  • Fixed Secret Grove Stronghold quest.

  • Infrastructure change completed.
  • The Profession system is now available!
  • Trait experience is now limited to 1000 per day.
  • Implemented Empathy quest exp increase.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed one to have multiple one-of-a-kind items. Players that had two Chaos Horntail Necklaces have had one moved to Fredrick.
  • Fixed a bug where Buff Mastery made players unable to use to their mounts.
  • Fixed Decent Sharp Eyes crit damage.
  • Fixed a bug where more than 5 guilds could be added to an alliance.
  • Fixed Edelstein quest "The Truth".
  • Fixed a rare error 38 crash that occurred with the buddy system.
  • Crafting-related materials have been removed from monster drops.
  • Added drops for quests: Power of the Spirit and The Truth Behind the Black Shadow
  • Frankenroid now properly drops his monster card.

  • Changed drop rate for Ice Tear.
  • Added Omok pieces to monster drops.

  • Fixed the meso rate formula. Nearly all monsters received an increase in the amount dropped due to this.

  • Ifia's quest line is now available after defeating Von Leon.
  • White Christmas Hill can now only be accessed through Extra Frosty Zone.
  • Bugfixes related mostly to the event.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred under special circumstances when killing monsters that give Ambition.
  • Added option to skip boat ride to/from Ereve.

  • Christmas event.
  • The Von Leon boss expedition can now be attempted.
  • The Von Leon shop can be accessed after completing the Murt's Letter/Alcaster's Crystal quests.
  • Implemented the personality trait system.
  • Chryse is now accessible.
  • Added a choice for which scroll to obtain from Cube Fragments.
  • Fixed map that Unknown Snack Bar spawns in.
  • Fixed a bug where Silent Crusade entry limit could be bypassed by CCing.
  • Fixed a bug where Magic Scales couldn't be equipped on the second pet.
  • Fixed Horntail kill not counting for the quest.
  • Fixed display of Cygnus's Successor for remote players.
  • Removed Flying Assaulter/Dash'n'Slash messages from the client.
  • Updated the default keymap.

  • Fixed Pink Bean card drop.

  • Stronghold party bonus experience has been reduced from 50% to 25%. EXP was way too high on 4x, especially due to flat maps existing there.
  • Fixed certain players being unable to enter the Cash Shop.
  • Fixed bug where monsters stopped spawning in certain maps.
  • Added missing Lunar Dew drop.
  • Added missing SOS Letter drop.
  • Fixed Balrog PQ card drop.

  • Fixed an issue causing players to be teleported to White Wave Harbor when exiting Party Quest areas.

  • Fixed Blessing of the Onyx.
  • Fixed Meso Explosion.
  • Fixed viewing other's Crusader Codex.
  • Fixed new characters not obtaining Crusader Codex equip.
  • Hyper Teleport Rock from Credit Shop is now tradeable.

  • Release of v100.
  • Potential stats on equips have been re-ordered so that "prime" lines come first. Stats themselves have not been changed.
  • Fixed Poison Mist etc. to apply to bosses.
  • Ninja Ambush now uses the same damage calculation as DoT.
  • Resistance job quests will no longer count in the quest ranking.
  • Battle Mage auras will no longer be dispelled by monsters.
  • Battle Mages should now be able to hit the reactors in CWKPQ.
  • The long awaited Maple Kataras now drop.
  • Note: Due to a failed last minute fix, character deletion is temporarily broken. It will be fixed tomorrow. Fixed.

  • Increased drop rate of Scroll for Shield for Magic ATT 60%.

  • Fixed issues with Chaos Horntail.
  • Fixed a bug where Damage over Time didn't affect bosses.
  • Normal Horntail will no longer show a world broadcast.
  • Disabled Halloween spawns in towns.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Fixed access to Ghost Ship PQ. The Dolphin in Aquarium or Herb Town will give the option to enter the PQ area.

  • The Halloween event has been extended until 2018-11-20 23:59 UTC.

  • Fixed bug where it was possible to use Follow in special maps.
  • Fixed issue where Chaos Horntail didn't die properly.
  • Fixed issues with Call of the Hunter (Wild Hunter) where summoned mobs used skills and revived etc.
  • Removed Cube/Gachapon/Event drops from certain PQ mobs.
  • Removed useless NPCs from some town maps.
  • Internal fixes.

  • VIP Teleport Rock has had it's price changed in Miu Miu.
  • Changed drop table for Sharp Eyes 20, Shadow Shifter 30 and Hurricane 20.
  • Increased amount of Manon's Cry drops from 5 to 6.
  • Fixed Buccaneer/Thunder Breaker HP being too low.
  • Fixed bug where Sharp Eyes didn't increase critical damage.
  • Fixed bug with Cygnus Final Attack.
  • Fixed bug where Dawn Warrior's MP Recovery skill triggered way too often.
  • Fixed bug where Power B. Fore didn't spawn in Evan quest map.
  • Added former bot-catching monsters that have turned into regular mini bosses in BB: Shade, Riche, Snow Witch, Scholar Ghost, Security Camera, Deet and Roi.
  • Internal fixes.

  • A penalty system for Cubes and Gachapon Tickets has been implemented for monsters Lv. 100 and below. You will start getting a penalty of -2% per level that you are above the monster, capped at -50% and starting 15 levels above.
    For example, a Lv. 70 player at Kerning Square 7th/8th Floor will see a (70-41-15)*2 = 28% reduction in cube drops.
  • Monsters that are Lv. 101 and above, on the other hand, have seen a +10% increase across the board in Cube and Gachapon Ticket drops. We are going to monitor what effects this has and further adjustments might be in store in the future.
  • Advanced Aura mob effects will no longer apply if the user didn't attack in 30 seconds.
  • Hopefully fixed an issue that in rare cases caused players to bug out and see monsters/NPCs from a certain map on all maps.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause equips to go from Rare to Unique in a single cube if you were very lucky.
  • Fixed Battleship damage handling.
  • Fixed Gaviota.
  • Removed minimum amount of member limitations from bosses.
  • The exp rate for Resistance characters below Lv. 10 is now 1x.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Tweaked equipment drops.
  • Client: Fixed a heap corruption bug that mainly affected AMD GPU users and caused crashes when right-clicking other players.

  • Changed all boss entry limits to per-day instead of 24 hours.

  • The custom 3x quest exp rate has been removed. Quest exp rewards now follow the normal server exp rate (4x).

  • Drop rates for many monsters have been changed due them having wrongfully high drop rates.
  • Fixed Divine Shield guarding while the buff lasts.
  • Event drops will now only drop from monsters that are within your level range (20 levels below and 10 levels above). Level 120+ monsters do not apply to this rule.
  • The above also applies to cubes and gachapon tickets for now.

  • Changed Mastery Book drops for many books that only dropped from Skelegon/Skelosaurus.
  • Added Mount Revitalizer to Miu Miu.

  • Fixed the Halloween event Jump Quest.
  • Fixed Divine Shield.
  • Fixed an issue with Chaos Scrolls.
  • Fixed Magic Booster being stuck at lv 15 for some Evans.
  • Fixed multiple bugs involving getting damage.

  • Changed @drops to show monster levels. Furthermore, monsters that likely cannot be found in a normal map (special versions of the mob) are marked as "(Special)".
  • Party members will no longer obtain Body Boost's effect for Dark Aura.
  • Fixed Amplifier Robot (Mechanic).
  • Fixed Enhanced MP Recovery (Dawn Warrior).
  • Fixed rewards for Shumi's JQs.
  • Fixed starting several quests in the Herb Town area.
  • Fixed issues with Wheel of Destiny.
  • Fixed Hero's Will quest for Resistance jobs.

  • The client now always starts in windowed mode. Some systems were having issues doing a mode-switch to full-screen 800x600.
  • Fixed Blast (Paladin) damage.
  • Fixed Credits not showing up ingame.
  • Fixed old pincode system.
  • Fixed completing the "Request of a Test Subject 3" quest.
  • Added/relocated many quest drops.
  • Fixed problems with certain face/hair NPCs.
  • Cubes and Gachapon Tickets can be traded once per stack for now. This issue will be resolved in the next restart.

  • Big Bang Release (check the initial announcement for more information).
  • Added a flat tax (6%) for all transactions (trades, FM shops).
  • Multi-clienting has been removed.
  • Experience of chimney monsters has been lowered in a similar fashion to v92. We are still considering other approaches such as increasing the monster levels, but that won't happen at launch.
  • Miracle Cubes have a low chance (1%) of turning a 2L equipment into a 3L one until other ways are added in higher versions.
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