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Jan 18, 2018
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Is your guild looking dead these days? Are all your buddies afk or offline?
Need to find a new guild or recruit more people to your guild?
Then this is the perfect chance for you~~


28/06 12am UTC (In-game daily reset time) (also 5pm PST)! Channel 1
Inviting everyone to come to CPQ for an hour to meet new people and get to know them while you PQ.
You’ll eventually want to make a HS, HB, Meso up, SE, farming mage, BoF mule, etc. so there’s always reason to level a new character to CPQ.

To lure recruit people I’m giving away a chaos scroll to a random person who participates for the full hour. I will not be included in the pool because it would be weird if I won my own giveaway. The main prize isn’t the chance at a chaos scroll though, it’s the chance to get to know some new faces who are still playing.


Why CPQ?
Because anyone can participate. Getting a character to 30 is very quick and anyone can do it. Anyone completely new to Croosade can easily participate; there's a week until the event.

Do I need to trade win?
Yes, this is a social, not a competitive event.

What level do I need to be?
CPQ is only available for characters between level 30-50.

Am I allowed to AFK at this event?
No. Normally, AFKing at CPQ is a thing because sometimes AFKers are needed to balance out the two parties, but this is a social event. You can take frequent intermittent breaks however- it’s not a race to level up either, so take toilet breaks with peace of mind.
Feel free to AFK to be in the commemorative screenshot though.

How will the giveaway work?
To be eligible you must:
  • Be in both the screenshot I take at CPQ channel 1 12am UTC sharp and 1am UTC.
  • Have levelled up at least once in that hour
  • Not be AFK at precisely 12am and 1am UTC; this is to discourage just AFKing at CPQ for a free chaos scroll- you need to participate in the event.
  • Be reasonable; I’m not giving rewarding players who can’t follow trade win.
I will assign all eligible players a number and using a random number generator. This process will take a few minutes probably and I will give out the CS as soon as it's done.

Once again, this is a social event so please take it chill. Be nice to each other and if the other party accidentally wins twice in a row politely give them a chance to lose twice in a row to make it up. When your brain is on CPQ mode it sometimes forgets that it's not your turn to win.

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Event in 5 hours~~~
See you there :D


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*Prospect left, HolyMoly AFK

Reverie CS winner


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