Surprise Style Box Compilation Guide


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Mar 21, 2018
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First and foremost, a huge thank you to Staff that got the ball rolling for Surprise Style Boxes!

Important links to be noted:
Blue's Guide to Surprise Style Rotations
Maple Wiki

SSB = Surprise Style Box

As stated in @Blue 's guide, SSBs will be rotated every 3 weeks with new or old random items that are not obtainable in the game.
Each rotation will feature 5 known suggested items, while the rest is unknown.
If you'd like to make a suggestion for future rotations, please visit her guide here!

In this thread, I want to have a compiled list of what items we can get thus far with SSBs.
Each rotation, I will be updating the thread to keep track of the current available items.

Please feel free to post what you've gotten from the boxes!

Tip: For a quick search of what items are already listed, hit CTRL + F and type in the item name you'd wish to search on the thread!

Bear Ears
Pink Heart Transparent Hat
Reindeer Hat
Heart Sunglasses
Colorstream Wig
Cloud Goblin
Huge Lips Green
Goth Cat Hood
Leaf Diamond
Alchemist Hat

Coke Earrings
Faraway Earrings
Snow Earrings

Red Eye Guard
????????? VR ????
Orange Round Shades

Shadow Executer
Lotus's Black Wings Uniform
Cao Cao Robe
Dark Enamel Suit
White Ribboned Sailor Dress
Princely Daywear
Dual Blade Suit
Beach Babe Outfit

Colorful T-Shirt
Cool Summer Shirt
Rainbow T
Orange Pea Coat
Blue Frill Blouse

Dark Master Seargent
Denim Miniskirt
Practical Linen Trousers
Old School Uniform Pants (F)
Sky Blue Miniskirt
Sapphire Jeans
Wildcats Baseball Pants (Alternate)
Plum Sherbet Pants
Old Army Pants

Golf Glove
Dark Force Gloves
Evan Golden Gloves

Green Leaf Shoes
6th Anniversary Item
Green Classic Sneakers
Alchemist Shoes
Elven Spirit Boots

Gratias Aura
Cat o' Nine Tails
Bear Cape
Lapis's Spirit
Lazuli's Spirit
Twinkling Rainbow

Goblin Fire
Pimp Stick
Lord Tempest
Evan Wand
In-Hand FB Helmet (Home)
France Cheer Towel
England Cheer Towel
Succubus Hat
Strawberry Macaroon Hairpin
Dark Cygnus's Hairband
Red Hood Bandana
Amethyst Musical Note
General's Wig
Oz Magic Hat
Horoscope Hat (Taurus)
Evan Wing Headband


Playful Band
Oldschool Glasses
[no name]
Flushed Cheeks

Succubus Dress
Rabbit Ear Dress
Shiny Sailor Uniform
Splash Wave
Silver Angora Fur Dress
Gold Angora Fur Dress
Brave Aran's Armor
Brazil Soccer Uniform (No.9)
Maple Doctor Scrubs
Fire Shadow Suit

Red Trainer Jacket
Green Tie Casual Suit
Pink Camping Shirt
Pink Bunny Sweater
[MS Custom] Red Double Coat
Loose Fit Sweater
Pink Mimi Blouse
Blue Sailor Shirt
Old School Blazer

Amorian Pink Skirt
Wildcats Baseball Pants (Alternate)
Sky Rainbow Shorts
Pre-school Skirt
Blue Sailor Skirt
Golf Shorts
Shine Rider Pants
Orange Long Skirt

Succubus Gloves
Harp Seal Doll Gloves
Blue Baseball Glove
Freud's Gloves
Wedding Gloves

Succubus Shoes
Blue Gomushin
Blue Dragon Shoes
Cao Cao Shoes
Kimono Sandals
Green Ankle Boots

Succubus Wings
Psyche Flora
Lux Cherubim
Fairy Wing Cape
Imperial Duke Wing
Lost Kitty
GM Daejang's Lucia Cape
Nox Cherubim
Floaty Snowman Balloon
Amethyst Dream Wings

Orchid’s Bunny Doll
Fortune Flash
Dreamy Candy Pillow
Dragon's Fury
Toy Machine Gun
RED Paint Bucket
Astral Bolt

Transparent Shield
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Mar 21, 2018
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Updated with the items I currently found in the September 7th SSB rotation.
I know it's not all of them, but please feel free to share what you've gotten thus far!!

To make it easier on you guys, I organized and categorized each NX item 😚 💕


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Mar 2, 2018
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Something's I've gotten in this rotation's box (September 7th ~ ?) in no particular order.

- General's Wig (male)
- Astral bolt
- Blue sailor skirt (male)
- Floaty Snowman balloon
- Pillow
- Flushed cheeks
- Pink Mimi blouse (male)
- Golf shorts (male)
- Maple Doctor scrubs (male)
- Oz Magic Hat
- Shine Rider pants (male)
- Nox Cherubim
- Brave Aran's Armor
- Shiny Sailor Uniform
- Blue Sailor Shirt (male)
- Kimono Sandals
- Green ankle boots for transformation
- Wedding gloves (male)
- Horoscope hat (Taurus)
- Evan wing headband

Think that's about everything I've gotten that I don't see listed already.

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