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Dec 3, 2017
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Upon registration of an account, or use of any of Croosade’s services (e.g. forum, chat services (“Discord”)), the user agrees to abide by the terms stated below, and any future modifications to these rules. Anyone who acts in contradiction with the following terms is subject to penalty.

  • The following terms are subject to modification at any time, and may be made without notification of the user. Any changes will be listed in chronological order under the “Last Changes” section.
  • The terms of service enumerated below are not exhaustive, and the staff of Croosade (e.g. admins, moderators) reserve the right to exclude users at their discretion.
  • Any of the specific penalties listed below are ultimately subject to interpretation and discretion of the staff. However, where appropriate, violations of a rule may be first met with a warning (not for in-game violations, though), followed by a temporary ban, and then a permanent ban for subsequent violations of the same rule.

Last Changes:
  • Clarified Forum warning system further.
  • Added Baiting to treatment of others.
  • Clarified RMT rule for v92 and Big Bang
  • Added 4.1.1 Bypassing Restrictions
  • Added clarification to 2.1 Spamming
  • Added clarification to 2.2.1 Area Boss Maps
  • Added clarification in regards to 'jokes' to 3.2.1 Real Money Transactions.
  • Added ranking restrictions to 3.2 Account Sharing.
  • Added False Bidding rule.
  • Added warning limit before permanent ban for forums.
  • Made rule 3.2.1 Real Money Transactions more clear.
  • Updated rule 3.2.1 Real Money Transactions to include credits.
  • Added rule 1.3 Respecting Others
  • Added rule 2.2.1 Area Boss Maps
  • Removed Warnings for in-game offenses.
  • All terms have been completely overhauled.
  • Warnings are no longer applicable for in-game violations.

General Rules
These rules apply to all Croosade services, including, but not limited to: the forums, chat services (Discord), and in game conduct.

1.0 Treatment of Others
1.1 Discrimination
Discrimination refers to the unjust or unequal treatment of others on the basis of various categories, such as: age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation. Prejudicial treatment of other users on the basis of any of these such categories (or other similar categories not listed), is strictly prohibited.
Temporary/Permanent Ban

1.2 Harassment
Under no circumstances will harassment of other users be tolerated. The punishment for harassing another user is highly dependant on the specific incident(s), and is left to the discretion of the staff.

1.3 Respecting Others
You are expected to treat all players and staff members with respect. Creating an environment which encourages others to collectively spread hate, participating in such discussions, and or creating hate groups in not allowed. The punishment for this rule is left to the discretion of the staff.

1.4 Baiting
Provoking a user to respond in a negative way will result in punishment. Also known as "Pushing buttons". The punishment for this rule is left to the discretion of the staff.

2.0 Staff Impersonation
2.1 False Impersonation
Any player that falsely claims to be part of the staff team, or pretend to speak on behalf of the staff team, will be subject to punishment.
Temporary Ban

2.2 “Mini-Modding”
Mini-modding refers to a non-staff user trying to enforce rules on other users. Actions that constitute mini-modding will not be tolerated; it is the responsibility of the staff to deal with violations of the rules. Non-staff users should report any issues that they feel are significant.
Temporary Ban

2.3 Spreading False Information
Users are to refrain from spreading information that they know to be false or unconfirmed with regards to the server, its features, development, progress, or other aspects under the control of staff.
This refers especially to any unfounded defamatory or negative comments made regarding the game.
Temporary Ban

3.0 Advertising, Real Money Transactions, & Vote Abuse
3.1.1 Advertising
Advertising of a product or service outside of those provided by Croosade is not allowed. Members are free to discuss other private servers, but advertisement for other servers on a platform provided by Croosade is unacceptable.
Temporary/Permanent Ban

3.1.2 “Twitch” and “YouTube”
Users are welcome to stream Croosade’s gameplay. However, it is not permissible to ask for subscriptions or donations from other players in exchange for viewing the stream.

3.2.1 Real Money Transactions (“RMT”)
Real Money Transactions refer to selling or buying in-game items or services for real-life money or goods. Any such exchanges will be strictly prohibited. Any mention of exchanging in-game items or services for real-life money or goods may be met with punishment. This also includes 'jokes'The validity of any 'joke' will be determined by staff.
v92: Buying or selling credits from another player is not allowed.
Big Bang: Buying or selling credits from another player for real money is not allowed.
Permanent Ban

3.2.2 Trading For Goods/Services Outside of Croosade
Players are prohibited from trading Croosade items or services for in-game items and services on other private servers, games, and websites.
Permanent Ban

3.3.1 Vote Abuse
Each player may accumulate 6,000 NX cash every six hours via voting through the Croosade website. Any attempts to receive more than this amount will be met with sanctions. Players are not permitted to make multiple accounts to vote on. If a player has multiple accounts, they may vote every six hours on an account of their choosing.
Permanent Ban

4.0 Miscellaneous
4.1 Ban Evasion
Upon being banned from a service provided by Croosade, the player is not to access, in any way, the service which they were banned from. For the duration of the ban, the player may not log-in to, create, or have someone else log into their accounts. This includes using different computers or networks to access the account.
4.1.1 Bypassing Restrictions
Any user seen bypassing restrictions that have been put in place (e.g., using virtualization to bypass multi-clienting restrictions) will result in a ban.
Permanent Ban

4.2 Explicit Content
Content that is violent, sexual, or promotes illegal activities in any way is not to be shared on any of Croosade’s platforms. This rule will be interpreted and enforced under staffs discretion.
Temporary/Permanent Ban

4.3 Language of Communication
Communication done publicly, through any of Croosade’s platforms, including: forums, Discord, ingame Megaphones and FM shops, must be in English. Players are welcome to communicate privately in whichever language they choose.
Temporary Ban

Game Rules
The following rules apply to any activities carried out ingame (i.e. on the Croosade game server).

1.0 Hacking, Botting, & Exploits
1.1 Hacking
The use of third-party programs to provide a player with in-game advantages (no matter how large) is strictly prohibited.
Temporary/Permanent Ban

1.2 Botting
Botting refers to any activities that allow the player to progress or play the game without being actively involved in doing so. This includes third-party programs, macros, and also various other methods to achieve a similar result, including things such as putting heavy objects on a key (i.e. “keyweighting”)
Temporary/Permanent Ban

1.3.1 WZ Edits
Editing .wz files to gain any kind of advantage is strictly forbidden. The server automatically detects WZ edits, and will result in a ban being placed on your account.

1.3.2 Cosmetic WZ Edits
Cosmetic WZ edits are allowed, but may not be shared publicly with any other users of Croosade’s services. A user is fully responsible for any action taken against their account as a result of cosmetic WZ editing, and will not be exempt from punishment in the event that they are banned for WZ editing.
For technical reasons, at this point only edits in Effect.wz (e.g., damage skins) are possible. Please do not attempt to edit any other file, as that will cause your client not to launch.

1.4 Bug Exploits
If a player finds a serious, game-breaking bug, they are expected to report it immediately to a staff member. Exploiting a bug for your own gain, advising others of the bug, or profiting in any way from the bug, are strictly prohibited. Any user knowingly in possession of illicitly procured items, Mesos, etc. will be subject to punishment.
Temporary/Permanent Ban

2.0 Player Conduct
2.1 Spamming
Spamming, or the sending of repetitive or excessive, and insignificant messages is prohibited. This includes any form of any game communication, including Megaphones (and having conversations via Megaphones). This rule will be interpreted and enforced under staff discretion and does not apply to FM (“Free Market”) and Party Quest areas where reasonable. If you are not sure if the message holds any value that staff would see, refrain from broadcasting.
Temporary Ban

2.2 Kill-Stealing
If a player actively, and persistently kills the monsters on a map that belongs to another player, they are subject to punishment. Map ownership can be found in game by entering the “@map” command. The first player in a map will become the map owner and if that user is inactive for a period of time, they will lose their ownership to the next player in the queue.
If a player enters a map “owned” by another, they are permitted to join the map queue and wait and not interfere with the other player’s activities.
Temporary Ban

2.2.1 Area Boss Maps
Players are not allowed to abuse the @map command to wait for bosses to spawn on a mule, a character that has no ability to kill the boss that spawns, and/or a player that is not actively attempting to kill the boss. This includes long intervals between attacks over a period of time. This will all be determined by staff on a case by case basis. If a player that owns the map is not actively killing the boss, the next person in the queue has ownership of killing the area boss. Afterwards, full map ownership goes back to it's original owner.
Temporary Ban

2.3 Scamming
Scamming, or any attempts to scam others will result in punishment. This is regardless of whether the scammer is actually successful in their attempt; all that matters is that there was an attempt to scam. When offering an item or service for sale, the seller is expected to follow through with the agreed upon terms of the arrangement (e.g. the seller may not switch out an item in the trade window at the last second for the the same item with different stats).
Permanent Ban
2.3.1 False Bidding
Fake bidding, or lying about an offer on a item to increase the price is not allowed. All players participating in fake bidding will be banned.
Temporary Ban

3.0 Account Management
3.1 Account Hacking
“Hacking” - or accessing accounts that do not rightfully belong to you without explicit consent of the owner will be met with a permanent ban across all services. Engaging in any activities to facilitate this (e.g. keylogging, phishing) will also result in a permanent ban.

3.2 Account Sharing
Account sharing is not endorsed by Croosade. It is permitted, but the staff are not responsible for any losses on accounts that have been accessed by multiple users.
In case of one character being shared by multiple players for training purposes, we reserve the right to remove that character from level and job rankings for fairness reasons. Alternatively, the character in question can have levels removed if it comes out later on that sharing has taken place.

3.3 Lost Items
The staff is not obligated to refund any lost items following the hacking of an account. Compensation will not be provided in the event of rollbacks.

4.0 Miscellaneous
4.1 Services Prohibited from Buying & Selling
Players are not allowed to buy or sell, or communicate in any way with the intention to buy or sell the following: ingame names (“IGNS”), maps, and Free Market (“FM”) spots.
Temporary Ban

Forum Rules
The following rules apply to the Croosade forums. The forums have an official warning system in place, and following three active warnings, a temporary, seven-day ban will be enforced. Every 5 warnings, one will be permanent. If a user accumulates 15 warnings they will be permanently banned from the Croosade forums.
These rules are meant to generally apply to all areas of the forum, but each sub-forum is subject to specific rules which are also to be followed.

1.0 Post Content
1.1 Bumping
Bumping is only allowed in the “Free Market” section. A user may bump their own thread once every 24 hours.

1.2 Off-Topic Posts
Posts that contribute in no significant way to the conversation topic at hand (i.e. spam) are subject to removal.

2.0 Ban Appeals & Report Subforums
2.1 Ban Appeals
In this subforum, only the thread starter and staff may post.

2.2 Player Reports
In this subforum, only staff members and those directly involved with the report are eligible to post.

3.0 Images & Videos
3.1 Images & Videos Used on the Forums
Any images on the forums, including signatures, avatars, or images embedded in a post, are subject to removal if they are a detriment to the browsing experience of other users. Images or videos displaying explicit content are also subject to removal.
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