The first lv 120 Wind Archer


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Jan 10, 2018
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I've done it for the 3rd time in a row.

And I'm proud of myself, honestly I know for alot of people this may seem like something minor, that 120 isn't all that exciting and K.O.C has no meaning in this version.
heck there wasn't even a competition this time, no one plays this class.
But I do it for myself.
Before croosade I never played pre big bang, didnt even know what that is even when I did start playing.
I know memories are one of the key things that drags us to play this game until now. It's that common bond we have with each other.
We all have them, you also have them and so do I
This is my memories, I joined croosade for the soul purpose of playing K.O.C. And I didnt know nor did I care what v92 means.
When I saw back around 2018 that I can not only play my most beloved class, I can also reach rank 1 with it and be remembered for it. I knew I had to take the chance.
But it took alot from me, even tho it last for around 10 days the hours upon hours, the non stop grinding really gets to you. Mentally, you start to neglect yourself, food health whatever it takes.
Maybe for other folks i'ts easy, not for me. And i'ts not healthy.
It got me depressed, I really started to doubt my decisions, why do I do that to myself but thats alright, it's just who I am.
When you really want something, if you put the time and effort you'll get it.
Even if no one cares. You do that for yourself. And I'm just one of many And I'm the first to my little tribe of wind archers.
In reboot, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and play something diffrent, the most underrated unused maybe unknown class in this game and get it to rank 1 - wind archer.
And I sure damn did it.

I'll Include more conculstions, insights from this journey and tips on how to keep your mental in place while grinding like that In my upcoming wind archer guide.

At every milestone, at every goal and step of your way. Enjoy the road, have fun with it.

Thank you for everyone whom I've met along the way.
Thank you for my awesome guild ~ Labyrinth #1
Special thanks to Ezel - (mike) for helping me get my final level when all channels were full.
And thank you for reading this.

We didnt know we were making memories we just knew we were having fun - winnie the god damn pooh.


P.S @Harvey I swear to god man if you ever gonna wipe and or make another server again



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Jul 14, 2018
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Congratulations on your epic achievement!

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