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Dec 11, 2017
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Welcome to this Training Guide. This guide was written by me but had information from other resources (mostly from google and some users).
The guide itself is aimed to newcomers, but veterans can follow this guide or contribute too. If you have the resources and gear to beat up monsters higher than your level, you can skip some of this places to go to the next spot with no problem. If you are new, I recommend you to follow this guide.

  • The Experience in this thread will be the amount you will get in Croosade (EXP x4).
  • The guide will sort monsters from Best to Worse (Top to Bottom) in the tables.
  • We won't be covering 1-10, for that you can follow your job's tutorial.

The optimal place to level up is Golem's Temple. You can start with regular golems (White ones) and around ~20 you can move to flaming golems, that way you reach level 30 without moving to another town, just one portal of distance!

Monster InformationLocation(s)
Stone Golem
Lvl: 20
HP: 374
EXP: 140​
Golem's Temple Entrance at Henesys

Like it was said before, it's better to stick in Golem's Temple until level 30. You won't move a lot since the next mob you are supposed to kill is one portal of distance from Golem's Temple Entrance.
As an alternative, you can hunt down different Mushmoms spawning in henesys. I'll leave that up to you to find out.

Monster InformationLocation(s)
Flaming Mixed Golem
Lvl: 28
HP: 720
EXP: 252​
Golem's Temple 3 at Henesys

I believe that the best place to grind from 30 to 50 is CDs in Kerning City square (check out the spoiler if you don't know how to get there).
If you can't hit CDs as soon as you hit Lv 30, I suggest you to go to a lower floor to get some levels. I usually go to

First, go to Kerning City and take the subway to Kerning Square.
When you reach Kerning Square, take the elevator and select F7/F8: Music Shop & VIP Zone
The map you teleport to is the map you have to grind to lv 50.
First, go to Six Path Crossway. Fastest way is to take a taxi to Sleepywood and then using the portal on the far left.
Once on Six Path Crossway, talk to Pilot Irvin, he's near the Perion Platform (top right corner)
You will end up in Gold Beach Resort map. To find the low level mobs, go to your left.

Monster InformationLocation(s)
Greatest Oldies
Lvl: 47
HP: 720
EXP: 252
Latest Hits Compilation
Lvl: 46
HP: 720
EXP: 252​
7th Floor 8th Floor Area A at Kerning Square
Gold Beach Monsters
Lvl: 46~56
HP: 2520~4300
EXP: 464~656​
Gold Beach at Victoria Island

Themed Dungeons
At level 30 we get our first quest for a themed dungeon, Mushroom Kingdom. This is a great alternative to grinding if you are more into quests, you can also get a really good Medal that you are going to use all the way up to 4th job (if you finish all the quests).
After this, you can continue doing Gold Beach, both of them will be available on the lightbulb on the left side of your screen

Around 50 to 60 I used to only do White Fangs. But somebody told me that Chryse hunting grounds are amazing for those levels, and I couldn't agree more.
I'll add them both so you can compare both places. However, I strongly recommend that you go Chryse, you can change maps to adapt your current level, from 50 to 62 (Even 70 if you want).
To get to the floating island of Chryse, you have to go to Orbis Park first
Once you reach Orbis Park, talk to Ericsson and select the option "Please send me to Chryse."
You will be teleported to a map, just fly to the sky and you will reach Chryse.

Monster InformationLocation(s)
Chryse Monsters
Lvl: 55~62
HP: 4800~7560
EXP: 720~984​
Chryse: Located at Orbis.
Moon Bunny
Lvl: 55
HP: 4000
EXP: 716​
Entrance to Black Mountain
at Korean Folk Town
White Fang
Lvl: 55
HP: 4000
EXP: 624​
Ice Valley II at El Nath

Theme Dungeon
If questing is your thing, go Chryse too.

Here's mostly Robos. If you are feeling confident (and got a decent gear), you can skip right into Sand Rats, or skip around mid-end 60s
Monster InformationLocation(s)
Lvl: 68
HP: 9000
EXP: 1094

Master Robo
Lvl: 69
HP: 9500
EXP: 1140​
Toy Factory <Aparatus Room>
at Ludibrium

At 70s is when leveling is fast again (that's what I feel at least). Starting at Sand Rats at 70, you can slowly (maybe when you reach 75?) get to the map to the left of sand rats, the map that also has Scorpions. That's the one I prefer to be honest, and I usually jump to it immediately. If both maps are crowded, in the table there are also alternatives.
Monster InformationLocation(s)

Sand Rat
Lvl: 77
HP: 19000
EXP: 1948​
Sahel 1 at Magatia
Sahel 2 at Magatia
>(At Around ~75?)

Cube Slime
Lvl: 78
HP: 21000
EXP: 2116​
Lab - Unit 101
at Magatia

Theme Dungeon
Starting at lv. 70, you can go Sakura Castle. I read in Ayumilove's blog that it was good exp. I personally never have done this theme dungeon, so it's up to you. As always, if questing is what you like... I won't stop you.

At 80 you can start going more deep into Magatia, that way you won't change cities which is always a good thing, specially as a newer player!
The best mobs you can fight here are Roids and Neo Huroid, they are available in the same map, and they have two maps. One is a huge map: good if you a sharing a map or if your Job has amazing mobility/mobbing skills. And a smaller one: suited for most jobs. There's also a Mini-dungeon available, but only use it if most of the maps are used, cause the layout isn't the best in my opinion.
Monster InformationLocation(s)

Lvl: 88
HP: 41000
EXP: 3668

Neo Huroid
Lvl: 89
HP: 43000
EXP: 3816​
Lab - Area C-2 at Magatia
(Big Map, w/ Neo Huroid)
Lab - Area C-1 at Magatia
(Smaller map, w/o Neo Huroid)

To avoid moving too much, you can move to Homunculus in Magatia at level 90. The map is flat and, since people prefer to go Pirates at this level, is less crowded (usually). You can go pirates if you want, but they are 103 while Homun are 98, keep that in mind.

Monster InformationLocation(s)

Lvl: 98
HP: 61000
EXP: 5076​
Lab - Unit 202 at Magatia

Lvl: 103
HP: 71000
EXP: 5724

Lvl: 105
HP: 75000
EXP: 5980​
Red-Nose Pirate Den 2 at Herb Town
If that map is full, you can go to
the Mini Dungeon Available
in the same map or Den 3.

At 100 you can move to Pirates at Herb Town. Getting into the ship is a bit tricky, so check out the spoiler if you don't know how to get there.
First, get to Old Swamp at Herb Town (If you don't know where that is, use the Mini map search function)
then, use the top portal to get into Red-Nose Pirate Den 1.
Monster InformationLocation(s)

Lvl: 103
HP: 71000
EXP: 5724

Lvl: 105
HP: 75000
EXP: 5980​
Red-Nose Pirate Den 2 at Herb Town
If that map is full, you can go to
the Mini Dungeon Available
in the same map or Den 3.

Croosade mantains the Party Based LHC we all love. Around v12X, nexon decided to nerf LHC and make it a Theme Dungeon, removing it as a Party Place, nerfing the EXP gained and also making the monsters way weak. Here we don't have such nerf and the maps stay the same, making them the best grinding places up to 165! I'll leave alternatives at the end of this section, in case you don't find a party.

This section is sorted as a route. First is the first place you should visit, to the bottom one.

Monster InformationLocation(s)

Crocky the Gatekeeper
Lvl: 115
HP: 74000000
Under the Castle Walls 1
at Lion King's Castle, El Nath.
> Good Place for Lv. 107


Lvl: 122
HP: 9600000
EXP: 210616​
Under the Castle Walls 1
at Lion King's Castle, El Nath.
> Good Place for Lv. 115

An alternative route for 110-165 is what Ayumilove Suggests:
110-120 : Golden Temple
125-135 : [Theme Dungeon] Neo City – Help Andy in Fixing the Distorted Time! (Tera Forest)
125-130 : Lv.127 Blue Dragon Turtle (Leafre: Entrance to Dragon Forest)
120-140 : Pianus (Boss Raid)
130-140 : Random mobs around Leafre like Cornians
130-150: Jr Newties Mini Dungeon
135-165 : Monster Park (Portal 2 of 3)
140-160 : Eye of Time, Guardian, Monks (Temple of Time aka ToT)
140-160 : Slimy, Selkie Jr. (Mysterious Path 3 aka MP3)
140-160 : Mr Anchor (Singapore: Ghost Ship 6)
140-160 : Captain Latanica Boss aka Capt. Latanica (Singapore: The Engine Room)
140-180 : Dimenson Invasion Party Quest (DIPQ)
160-165 : Ulu City

From now on, you will be living in the future. Head to Temple of Time and go through the first door, the Gate to the Future. From there, go to the Left and you will reach Future Ereve. Here's where you will stay until level ~200
This is a single platform map, and you can't really leech from here unless you got a special chair.

Monster InformationLocation(s)


Official Knight B
Lvl: 170
HP: 21500000
EXP: 367716​
Second Drill Hall (sdh) at Future Ereve

Other Content
Starting at 140, you can do DIPQ (Dimensional Invasion Party Quest) up to lv 200.

From 180 Hall of Honor is a good place to go. I won't list all the available mobs here, cause there's a lot of them. If you reach 180 and you find a HoH (Hall of Honor) party, go there immediately!
HoH is a 3 platform map filled with mobs, and you can leech with no problem here.
Monster InformationLocation(s)


HoH Mobs
Lvl: 177~184
HP: 25000000~30500000
EXP: 418116~498684​
Hall of Honor (HoH) at Future Ereve

This will be the place you will grind on until you die. Warrior Grounds.

Monster InformationLocation(s)

Ancient Mixed Golem
Lvl: 198
HP: 51000000
EXP: 522056​
Warrior Grounds at Twilight Perion

------------ o ------------​

I hope you find it useful and hopefully it will also help new players out.
If you believe there's a better optimal way/alternative to go at certain levels, you can comment it below so other players can see and try it out.

Thanks for reading this guide.
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Apr 9, 2020
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If you are fortunate enough to have someone who can leech you, getting RA carries from 100 to 110 is far and away the fastest since I find this to be some of the hardest levels to get before 200.


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Jan 18, 2020
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There is another guide to Patch that is currently V147?


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Jan 22, 2019
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Is it recommended to go to SDH with a party? I never see people training there and without a party the fun will be over quickly.
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What is special chair for sdh?
Some kind of chair in which you can sit high enough to dodge attacks. You got them ''power rangers'' chairs, which will give you the opportunity to leech. I am not sure if V147 has these chairs yet. These chairs are called ''Mesodizer chairs''.
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Dark Sand Dwarfs at Sunset Road: The Desert of Serenity is also a very good option in my opinion for your 60's/70's/80's. Probably the best levels will be from 67-80. It is a very small map with high spawnrate. I always enjoy training there.


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