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Dec 10, 2017
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Gachapon Revamp
  • When you talk to The Great Gachapierrot to use a Gachapon Ticket, the new Gachapon window will appear.
  • A list of special items is displayed in the center of the window, as well as the current ticket you are using.
  • You can click Start, or hit Enter, to use a ticket.
  • A list of the last 10 items you won from the Gachapon will be displayed in the right-hand side of the window.
  • The Maple Administrator offers a new one-time quest, called Gachapon Reborn, to explain about the changes to the Gachapons.
  • The Great Gachapierrot can now be found in:
    • Henesys, Henesys Market, Henesys Park
    • Ellinia
    • Perion
    • Kerning City
    • Lith Harbor
    • Sleepywood
    • Nautilus, Cafeteria, Mid Floor - Hallway
    • Ereve
    • Rien
    • Orbis
    • El Nath
    • Ludibrium
    • Aquarium
    • Leafre
    • Mu Lung
    • Herb Town
    • Ariant
    • Magatia
    • Edelstein
    • CBD (Singapore)
    • Trend Zone Metropolis (Malaysia)
    • NLC Town Center
    • Mushroom Shrine
    • Showa Town, Spa (M), Spa (F)

Sakura Castle
  • Ninja Castle has been removed from the game and replaced with Sakura Castle.
  • Level requirement: 70 and above.
  • Starts with the quest "Tae Gong's Request: This is NOT a Fish."
  • You will receive a mystical book. You must turn the book in to Wiz the Librarian.
  • After talking to Wiz the Librarian, you can start "The Land Across the Sea."
  • You will receive the book again, but this time double clicking on the book will transport you to Sakura Castle.
  • You can also use a Dimensional Mirror to get back to Sakura Castle.
  • There is a string of 16 quests that the player has to complete to figure out what’s going on at Sakura Castle. Each quest gives the player EXP rewards.
  • When you defeat the boss, Gigatoad, he will drop boxes for each class with a level 60-70 item inside. The boss also drops a secret recipe. You also have a chance to get the Musashi Hat.
    • Musashi Hat: Req Lv. 75, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +4, DEF/M.DEF +50, 10 upgrades, unhammered.
  • You will receive a Cherry Moon Samurai medal when you complete all of the Sakura Castle quests.
    • Cherry Moon Samurai: Req Lv. 75, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +3, Max HP/MP +230, DEF/M.DEF +50, untradeable.
Cash Shop Revamp
  • The Cash Shop has been completely overhauled! Global MapleStory is the first service to have this new Cash Shop.
  • You can now enjoy the Cash Shop in 1024x768 resolution. No more squinting!
  • Any existing wishlists have been wiped.
  • There have been new categories and sub-categories added for items, now located on the left-hand side of your screen. Simply click the + to expand a category listing.
  • There will be special, time-limited sales featured in the upper right-hand corner of the Cash Shop!
  • You can now filter items by equipable, affordable and/or on sale. You can also sort by price and name, ascending or descending.
  • You can now see Top Sellers, Featured and Special Items for the Cash Shop.
  • A cart inventory has been added, and you can add items to the cart before purchasing (or purchase straight away!)
  • Instead of the former reserve/wish list system, you can now Favorite items - up to 50 of them! No more picking and choosing!
Misc Changes
Monster HP Bar

  • Damage that users inflict on monsters will be in red to show the HP reduction to make it easier to recognize.
Storage Expansion
  • Max number of storage slots has been increased from 48 to 96.
Orbis Tower Revamp
  • The Black Mage has destroyed Orbis Tower Floors 9 through 15.
  • Orbis Magic Spots have been added to floors 1, 8, 16 and 20, and allow you to teleport to any of those floors for a fee of 5,000 mesos.
  • Floors 1-8 and 16-20 can be moved through normally, but Orbis Magic Spots are the only way to directly move from 8 to 16 or back.
  • NPC Huckle has been moved to floor 16.
  • A Mystic Gate has been added to floor 16.
Credit Shop
  • Fusion Anvil has been added.
  • Legendary Booster Pack price has been reduced.
  • Players are no longer able to make clothing permanent.
  • The only cash shop items that can be made permanent are pet equips.
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