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Dec 10, 2017
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[NEW JOB] Luminous has been added to the game.

Job Advancement Levels
  • Excluding Evan and Cygnus Knights, all classes' 3rd and 4th Job advancement levels will be reduced.
  • 3rd Job advancement will be reduced from Lv. 70 to Lv. 60.
  • 4th Job advancement will be reduced from Lv. 120 to Lv. 100.
  • Job advancement quest levels and quest monsters have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Level restrictions on medals, mounts, sub-equipment and job advancement equipment have been adjusted to accommodate the changes.
  • The required EXP to level up from lv. 60-75 and 100-125 have been adjusted.
  • Explorer classes, Aran, Cannoneer and Dual Blade that use combined SP system will receive 4 additional SP at job advancement.
  • Jett, Resistance classes, Hero classes, and Mihile that use separated SP system will now receive 5 SP for 1st, 4 SP for 2nd, 4 SP for 3rd, and 4 SP at 4th job advancements.
  • Those that had the job advancement levels adjusted will have all their SP reset, also including the adjusted additional SP.
  • Explorer-specific changes:
    • You can teleport to Manon's Forest and Griffey Forest, the 4th Explorer Job Advancement quest maps, by talking to the Forest of the Priest Job Instructors.
    • Levels for Power of the Fairy quests changed from Lv.70, Lv,80, Lv.90, Lv.100, and Lv.110 to Lv.70, Lv.75, Lv.80, Lv.85, and Lv.90 respectively.
    • Lv 80 skill quest which required Panda & Reinforced Mithril Mutae now requires Grizzly & Reinforced Iron Mutae.
    • Lv 85 skill quest which required Bone Fish & Master Soul Teddy now requires Panda & Sand Dwarf.
    • Lv. 90 skill quest which required Gold Slime & Hankie now requires Buffy & Peach Monkey.
  • The Mihile quest "Empress's Grace" has been modified to require Rash & Dark Rash to drop the peridots needed by Empress Cgynus.

New Region: Heliseum
Heliseum is the capital of the planet Grandis, home to the Nova race. After being conquered by Magnus, it is now home to Tyrant’s Castle, his seat of power. After the amazing feats of Kaiser and Angelic Buster, the Nova established the Heliseum Reclamation HQ in Pantheon to try to reclaim Heliseum with the help of the Maple Alliance. You can get to Pantheon by using the portal located in the Six Paths Crossway on Victoria Island.

You must make your way through the Heliseum, defeating Magnus's top lieutenants to gain access to his lair and take the capital city back for the Nova.

New Quests:
  • Requirement: Lv. 90 or above
  • Accept the quest through the quest notifier on top of your character.
    • To Pantheon, Lv. 90+
    • Supporting Heliseum Reclamation HQ, Lv. 90+
    • Heliseum Reclamation HQ in Danger, Lv. 90+
    • Edea and Piston, Lv. 90+
    • Eliminating Battle Hounds, Lv. 90+
    • Securing the Front Line, Lv. 90+
    • Sturdy Foundation, Lv. 90+
    • Finding Emergency Supplies, Lv. 90+
    • More Supplies!, Lv. 90+
    • Pantheon, Lv. 90+
    • Helping Pantheon, Lv. 90+
    • Selene's Request, Lv. 90+
    • Christina's Request, Lv. 90+
    • Yet More Supplies, Lv. 90+
    • The Second Dispatch, Lv. 90+
    • Anger Management, Lv. 90+
    • Eurenth on the Rocks, Lv. 90+
    • Popora Gets Hungry Sometimes, Lv. 90+
    • Eurence's Advice, Lv. 90+
    • Grandis Shadow, Lv. 90+
    • Enter Romero, Lv. 90+
    • Freeloading Trade King, Lv. 90+
    • Tonero's Call, Lv. 90+
    • Tonero's Request, Lv. 90+
    • Information Delivery, Lv. 90+
    • Battle Preparation - Seizing the Ores, Lv. 90+
    • Operation, Go!, Lv. 90+
    • Please Provide Your Help at the Castle Once More, Lv. 90+
    • Nova People's Call, Lv. 102+

  • The Free Market entrance map has been given a makeover! Now you can check out how your character would look in the latest fashions, right on the big screen TV!
  • The maximum character slots per world has been increased from 15 to 18.
  • Some bosses now have a visual indicator (aka an "aggro" meter) as to which player has their full attention.
  • Substat class restrictions have been removed on most equipment. AP is automatically reset for all characters upon first login.
  • Some of the Potential stats of Lv. 60 and Lv. 100 weapons and sub-equipment has been adjusted.
  • The experience you obtain from killing monsters in Azwan has been changed.
  • The third inner ability slot is now unloacked at Honor Level 60.
  • "White Scroll" has been replaced with "Safety Scroll" due to its removal. They function the same.
  • Some Silent Crusade questline bosses that are inaccessible now have their Codex Cards purchased from Wence at the Supply Warehouse.

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