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New Content
Chaos Root Abyss is Now Open!
Introducing: Monster Life

Misc Changes

Twilight Perion Golem Changes

Chaos Root Abyss is Now Open!

Group up against the Chaos versions of Root Abyss Bosses, beat them and be awarded an amazing new set: The Fafnir Set

Chaos Mode Bosses have a level requirement of 180, Players may attempt Chaos Mode one time per day. The reset takes place every day at 00:00 UTC.

Meet the Bosses

Chaos Crimson Queen
HP: 140,000,000,000
Level: 190
Notable Drops: Croosade Coins (3-4), Fafnir Hat (All jobs), Chaos Queen Tiara, Bloody Queen Chair

Chaos Von Bon

HP: 100,000,000,000
Level: 190
Notable Drops: Croosade Coins (3-4), Fafnir Top (All jobs), Chaos Von Bon Helmet, Von Bon Chair

Chaos Pierre

HP: 80,000,000,000
Level: 190
Notable Drops: Croosade Coins (3-4), Fafnir Bottom (All jobs), Chaos Pierre Hat, Pierre Chair

Chaos Vellum

HP: 200,000,000,000
Level: 190
Notable Drops: Croosade Coins (4-5), Fafnir Weapon (All jobs), Chaos Vellum Hat, Vellum Chair

Monster Life

Monster Life is a new game within MapleStory. In Monster Life you will be able to build your own monster farm and populate it with numerous memorable monsters from MapleStory. Monster Life is a great new way to socialize with your fellow Maplers and to earn some nice stat boosts in regular MapleStory.

Every player will be given 1 farm per account. Your farm will be shared between all characters and worlds on the account. The farm cannot be deleted when created. You can access your farm by clicking the ‘MENU’ button and selecting ‘VISIT FARM’.

Monster Life will introduce 2 new currencies to be used within it: gems and waru.

  • Gems can be bought with NX in the cash shop or if you're lucky, obtained from a Lucky Box that you can obtain once a day.
  • Waru can be obtained from a large number of ways such as harvesting them from your buildings, playing and nurturing monsters, adding new friends, Lucky Box, and more!
Most items in the Monster Life shop can be bought with Waru or Gems, but buying with Gems will allow you to obtain most things at the shop at a lower farm level.

You will be able to give your farm a unique name between 4-12 characters long.

You will be able to upload your farm's profile picture by clicking the box on the top left, right by your current farm level. Pictures must be in JPG format and will automatically be scaled to 100x100 pixels. Your avatar can be changed once a day. Inappropriate images may be deleted and can result in a ban without notice.

The camera can be moved with either the arrow keys on the keyboard or by dragging the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen.

Once a day you will be able to obtain a Lucky Box. You can claim your lucky box by clicking the "Accept first entry reward!" button when entering your farm.


When you first enter your farm you will be greeted by Clara and introduced to all the other wacky residents of Monster Life. Join them in their crazy adventures and be rewarded with experience, Waru, and items for your farm.

Along with the normal quest line, you can also obtain repeatable quests from Aya the fairy every 3 hours. You can find Aya in Jules' place by clicking the wrapped scroll icon on the bottom right, then clicking on Aya.


Jimmy-Jack is your go to guy for all your Monster Life shopping needs. He can be accessed by clicking the shop icon on the bottom right while in Monster Life.

In addition to buildings and decor, Jimmy-Jack will also sell you monster boxes, monster slot expansions, farm renaming coupons, house expansions, and more!

For the super lucky, Jimmy-Jack will sometimes sell you special and exclusive items such as rare monster boxes, and buildings and decor that normally cost Gems.

You are also able to sell back your buildings and decors for a small amount of Waru by right clicking the structure in your Monster Life inventory and selecting the "Sell Back" button.


You will be able to decorate your farm with buildings, decor, and roads. You can buy buildings and decor from the Monster Life shop by clicking the shop icon on the bottom right in Monster Life. After obtaining a building or decor, you will be able to place them on your farm by clicking the "DECORATE FARM" button on the bottom left then selecting one of the categories bellow it. Buildings, decor, and roads can be moved or removed by selecting the "REPOSITION" button.

Buildings will have 3 values assigned to them:

  • Waru: Waru will be generated every 10 minutes.
  • Banked: Max Waru Storage
  • Decor: Aesthetic Points
Decor structures will not generate any Waru, but have higher aesthetic points and cost less to obtain.

Raising your farms aesthetic points will provide you with the following perks.

  • Max Building Waru Storage
  • Monster Life Shop Discount
  • Special Merchant Appearance Chance
The potency of the perks will be increased as your aesthetic points rise.

You can harvest Waru from buildings by left clicking them and selecting the "HARVEST" button. Make sure to harvest the Waru from your buildings before they reach their max storage so that they can continue to generate more Waru!


You are able to complete bonus Monster Life goals from Jules. This is a great way to track your progress in Monster Life. Try to complete all the achievements!

You can view your current achievement progress by clicking the wrapped scroll icon on the bottom right, then clicking on Jules.


Socialize with your fellow Maplers in new ways with Monster life. For the first time you will be able to directly chat with all players in any world in GMS!

When you first enter Monster Life you will be greeted with the "Yesterday's News" window. You can obtain your Lucky Box here, view your stats for the day, and view the top ranking farms for 3 different categories from yesterday. You can visit the farm of the top ranking players by clicking the home icon to the right of their name.

If you are feeling adventurous you can visit a random players farm by clicking the mirror in Jules' house. Maybe you will find a new friend or the perfect monster to combine with!

Get your friends to play with your monsters to quickly raise your monsters level.


Monster Life will have its own friends list, separate from the regular MapleStory friends list.

You can open the friends list by clicking the smiling icon on the bottom right in Monster Life. You will be able to add friends, block other players, and view a list of recommended farms.

Through your friends list you will be able to directly view another users farm, start a chat, and visit there home page.


You will be able to directly chat with other players on any world as long as you are both on Monster Life! To start a chat, all you need to do is right click a user in your friends list and select the "Message" button.

You will also be able to directly chat with players in regular MapleStory while in Monster Life, but this is limited only to players on the same server.

Home Page

The Home Page is a guest book where you can leave messages for people that visit your farm or leave messages at another players farm. Everyone will be able to view your conversations placed on the Home Page so please make sure to not share anything on it you don't want just anyone to see.

You can access the Home Page by right clicking the the avatar of either your farm or the farm of the player you are visiting and selecting the "Home Page" button. You can also easily access the Home Page of your friends by right clicking their farm on your friends list and selecting the "Home Page" button.


There are hundreds of monsters with 23 different types and 7 ranks in each type. Monsters can be obtained through quests, Jimmy-Jack's shop in Monster Life, the cash shop, or combining.

You can view all monsters, their potentials, and special combination requirements in the monster dictionary. The monster dictionary can be accessed by clicking the book icon on the bottom right when in Monster Life.

Your farm is limited in the number monsters that can inhabit it at a time. The max amount of monsters your farm can hold can be increased by raising your farm level or by buying monster slot expansion items from Jimmy-Jack. You can also obtain a Monster Barn from doing quests. This unique building will allow you to store your monsters to free up room for additional monsters. The Monster Barn capacity can also be increased with a Monster Barn Expansion sold by Jimmy-Jack.

Monsters can reach up to level 40 by nurturing and playing with them. Nurturing and playing will also earn you Waru. Monsters that have not been nurtured within the last 6 hours will show hearts above their heads and get an experience bonus when nurtured. Higher level monster will earn you more Waru when released. You can nurture a monster by right clicking the desired monster then selecting the "Nurture" button. Similarly you can play with a monster when visiting another players farm by right clicking one of their monsters, then selecting the "Play" button.

You can only nurture your monsters 3 times a day. Each monster can be played with up to 20 times a day but each guest can only play with each monster once.

You will be able to keep your monster at your farm as long as you like, although monsters have a 30 day duration starting from the day the monster is obtained. When a monster expires, it can no longer combine with other monsters or provide potential.


Excluding the Special type, each monster of the same type will give the same kind of potential. The power of the potential will be based on the rank of the monster. Only 1 of each type of buff will be applied and the highest rank buff will always be used. Each special type monster will provide a unique potential.

  • Mushrooms: Discount on Monster Life Shop products
  • Pigs: Max HP
  • Yetis & Pepes: Minion duration
  • Homuns: Skill MP cost
  • Slimes & Snails: MP each 10 sec
  • Plants: HP each 10 sec
  • Golems: Weapon DEF
  • Dragons: Final blow has chance of regaining HP
  • Cats: Luck
  • Canine: Strength, Luck
  • Birds: Dexterity
  • Bovines: Strength
  • Reptiles: Dexterity, Intelligence
  • Monkeys & Bears: Accuracy
  • Fairies: Max MP
  • Devils: Intelligence, Dexterity
  • Soldiers: Strength, Intelligence
  • Dolls & Toys: Mesos obtained
  • Non-Humans: Intelligence
  • Undead: EXP loss per death
  • Ghost: Final blow has chance of regaining MP
  • Spirits: Magic DEF


You will be able to combine with monsters from other players farms to obtain new and potentially rare monsters.

To combine you need to visit another players farm. Ineligible monsters for combining will be shown sleeping on the monster roster on the bottom left. Right click an eligible monster then select the "Combine" button. Select one of your eligible monster from your list and select the "Combine" button and the check mark to complete the combining process.

There will be a Waru fee to the person using the combining function. The cost will be based on the rank of the monsters used. The other player will be rewarded with a small amount of Waru for having their monster help with the combining.

You can use the same monster to combine as many times as they like, but the monster used from another players farm can only be used as a combining partner once a day. You must have at least 1 monster storage spot open to combine. Both monsters used in the combing will not be lost, so combining is an excellent way to expand the monsters on your farm.

Higher level monsters used in combining will increase the chance of obtaining rarer monsters. Monsters obtained from combining have a high chance of being the type of one of the monsters used in the combining.

Your monster used in combining must be level 3 or higher. Outside of rare exceptions, special type and SS rank monsters can’t be used in combining.

Twilight Perion Golem Changes

In v139, nexon decided to halve both HP and EXP from Ancient Golems in Twilight Perion. The following table contains the new values.

MonsterHP BeforeHP AfterEXP BeforeEXP After
Ancient Golem8500000049000000245532123308
Ancient Dark Golem8700000050000000250600127733
Ancient Mixed Golem8900000051000000255640130514
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