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Jun 3, 2019
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With the recent update to v153, majority of the maps have been buffed to higher levels, thus making the previous training guide slightly outdated. This training guide will focus primarily on grinding to level up, if you are more interested in doing quests to level up follow this guide written by AnnKnight over here. Do keep in mind that there isn't a right or wrong way to train, you don't have to follow the guide to a T and you should feel free to skip ahead / stay behind / deviate completely if need be. Ultimately, do what feels right to you!
Things to note...
  • The EXP Values in the thread will follow the standard EXP x4​
  • If you are new, I encourage you to read the notes I've left under each section (if applicable). These may or may not make your training experience easier but, it never hurts to check​
  • The monsters are sorted by level not by best to worse​
  • This guide will (hopefully) continue to remain up-to-date!​
Lvl 10 - 30


Stone Golem

Lvl 15
EXP: 112​
Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple Entrance at Henesys​


Flaming Mixed Golem

Lvl 19
EXP: 252​
Golem's Temple: Golem's Temple 3 at Henesys​

Lvl 30 - 50


Violet Clam Slime
Lvl 36
EXP: 432​
Gold Beach: Gold Beach Seaside 2 at Gold Beach Theme Dungeon​


Lvl 43
EXP: 548​
Kerning City Subway: Along the Railway at Kerning City​


Lvl 45
EXP: 578​
Kerning City Subway: Line 2 Area 2 at Kerning City
Kerning City Subway: Line 1 Area 3 at Kerning City​


Jr. Necki
Lvl 45
EXP: 578​
Swamp Region: The Swamp of Despair at Kerning City
Violet Clam Slime
- If you have the Hyper Teleport Rock, you can immediately teleport to the map without being Lvl 35 to unlock access to Gold Beach​

- Great for classes that have good mobbing skills. Since Stirges aren't platform bound and can move anywhere, they will most likely move towards you so you won't have to move much​
- Classes that lack vertical range (Crossbowman, Assassin, etc.) will struggle in this map​

- This map is an alternative if you don't like having to deal with freely moving mobs​
- Line 1 Area 3 is superior due to the mobs being concentrated in the middle of the map, as opposed to Line 2 Area 2 where they are more spread out​
- Line 1 Area 3 can be easily missed (especially if you don't look at the mini map) since it requires you to Alt + ↓ on the "bottom" platform in Kerning City Subway: Transfer Area to access Line 1 maps​

Jr. Necki
- This map is similar to both the Wraith maps, it just has easier access to those that are lazy and/or don't have a Hyper Teleport Rock​
- The entrance to the swamp region is located within a portal between NPCs Lakelis and Magical Mortar Bunny in Kerning City​
Lvl 50 - 60


Golden Rabbit
Lvl 56
EXP: 984​
Floating Island of Chryse: Outside of Chryse 3 at Chryse Theme Dungeon


Golden Ferret

Lvl 60
EXP: 1162​
Floating Island of Chryse: Road to Colosseum 3 at Chryse Theme Dungeon
Golden Rabbit
- Accepting the quest "The Floating Island of Chryse" on the light bulb on the left side of the window will immediately send you to Orbis, then you can talk to NPC Erickson who will teleport you to Chryse​
- You cannot use the Hyper Teleport Rock in Chryse since there is no world map, but you can teleport to a player already in Chryse​
- Farm at Golden Rabbits first if your class's mobbing skill has a low amount of lines so the accuracy difference won't effect your ability to grind​

Golden Ferret
- You can skip all the way to Golden Ferrets if you are confident in your damage or if your class has a lot of lines to make up for the accuracy drop (more lines = higher chance an attack will land)​
Lvl 60 - 80


Copper Drake
Lvl 66
EXP: 1162​
Swamp: Silent Swamp at Sleepywood


Cellion / Grupin / Lioner
Lvl 71
EXP: 1650​
Orbis: Stairway to the Sky I at Orbis


White Fang
Lvl 81
EXP: 3369​
El Nath: Ice Valley II at El Nath
Copper Drake
- The old portal that brings you to the top of the map is gone, you'll have to either vertical jump or climb up to reach the top​

Cellion / Grupin / Lioner
- If you are walking to the map, use the top-most portal at Orbis: Cloud Park I to access the Stairway to the Sky maps​
- Great map for classes with any sort of vertical mobility, otherwise utilize the cloud springs on the bottom to bring your character closer to the top (it'll bring you to the 2nd highest platform at best)​
White Fang
- El Nath maps will cause your character to slip from the ice which can be annoying. If this bothers you, make sure to buy a pair of snowshoes at the Armor Store within the El Nath market which will prevent your character from slipping​

Lvl 80 - 100


Sand Rat
Lvl 89
EXP: 4969


Lvl 90
EXP: 5132​
Sunset Road: Sahel 2 at Ariant / Magatia


Roid / Neo Huroid
Lvl 95
EXP: 6043​
Alcando Research Institute: Lab - Area C-1 at Magatia
Alcando Research Institute: Lab - Area C-2 at Magatia
Roid / Neo Huroid
- Lab Area C-1 is a smaller map, and is recommended for classes with poorer mobility and/or mobbing due to the mobs being less spread out across the map​
- Lab Area C-2 is a much larger map, and is recommended for any class with a lot of mobility / dashes (Chief Bandit, Thunder Breaker, etc.) or if you can 1-shot mobs easily​

Lvl 100 - 120


Normal Zakum Arms
Lvl 110
EXP: 179200 - 268800​
El Nath: Entrance to Zakum's Altar at the Dead Mine in El Nath


Lvl 113
EXP: 12800


Master Robo
Lvl 114
EXP: 13197​
Ludibrum: Toy Factory <Apparatus Room> at Ludibrum


Dual Ghost Pirate
Lvl 119
EXP: 15163​
Hidden Street: Unbalanced Time at ClockTower Lower Floor in Ludibrum
Zakum Arms
- Accepting the quest "[Zakum] Statue of Dread" on the light bulb on the left side of the window will teleport you to the Chief's Residence in El Nath, talking to your respective job instructor will give you the option to teleport straight to Zakum's Altar​
- Zakum's prequests have been waived completely, you can get free Eye of Fires by talking to Adobis (you can hold only one Eye of Fire at a time)​
- Make sure to bring a lot of healing and All Cure Potions since Zakum will do quite a bit of damage and will status your character pretty often (especially with Blind which will drag out the fight even longer)​
- All Cure Potions can be purchased at Colossus Road: Chino's Station in the Stone Colossus Theme Dungeon by a Lvl 150 character with a Hyper Teleport Rock (Colossus quest line is currently bugged, so you won't be able to reach this map through walking). The Alcaster quest line is also currently bugged due to a missing job, so you can obtain these potions through the Free Market or by doing the Korean Folk Town questline which will give you around ~100 All Cures​
- DON'T do Easy Zakum, it is a waste of time because the EXP is so poor. Also don't bother with Chaos Zakum for now, you'll need to be a higher level before you tackle it or else you'll be missing a lot from the level difference​
- Don't be afraid of Zakum, it's not that bad especially if you have a good amount of All Cure Potions. Also killing the arms and leaving is optimal because only the 3rd body of Zakum will reward you with EXP, which is usually just 1 level (only do it unless you're in a party or you're really strong).​
Robo / Master Robo
- Alternative map to grind from 100-110/120 if you either failed both your Zakum runs / lack resources / generally nervous about the boss fight​
Dual Ghost Pirate
- This map can be accessed by going through the top-right portal at Ludibrum: Warped Path of Time <3>​
- You cannot Alt + ↓ on the 2nd platform that spawns mobs (I'm assuming it's because the platform is too high up), you'll have to climb down using the ladder or go off the left edge and then flash jump back to the right​

Lvl 120 - 140


Lvl 128
EXP: 16441​
Golden Temple: Room of Suffering at Golden Temple Theme Dungeon


Lvl 130
EXP: 21582


Lvl 131
EXP: 22515​
Herb Town: Red-Nose Pirate Den 2 at Herb Town in Mu Lung
- You need to accept the quest "Noi More Tourists" on the light bulb on the left side of the window, and proceed to do most of the Golden Temple questline to gain access to the map with the Ganapati​
- You cannot skip directly to the map (either by walking or by using a Hyper Teleport Rock), the game won't allow you and will either block off the portals or prevent you from teleporting​

Lvl 140 - 179


Lvl 155
EXP: 22947


Selkie Jr.
Lvl 156
EXP: 23669​
Singapore: Mysterious Path 3 at Singapore


Mr. Anchor
Lvl 157
EXP: 24390​
Singapore: Ghost Ship 6 at Singapore


Lvl 162
EXP: 27920​
Singapore: Ulu Estate II at Singapore
Slimy / Selkie Jr.
- You can access Singapore by talking to Irene at Port Road: Victoria Tree Platform. From there, talk to Audrey at Singapore: CBD and travel to "Trend Zone Metropolis", once you reach the Trend Zone Metropolis go to the left most portal to end up in Boat Quay Town.​
Mr. Anchor
- You can directly teleport to the map by going into the Ghost Ship which will bring up the new Ghost Ship map​
- This area is a maze, and your goal is to reach the 2nd to last map. The maze does not change and you will have to navigate the Ghost Ship by going through the doors, do not go into any explicit portals as they will send you back to the beginning of the Ghost Ship​
- This map is an incredibly popular map for farming cubes and miscellaneous event items, so expect the map to be full during events (though once events are over the map is almost always free)​

Lvl 110 - 179 (Party Play / Leeching)


Crocky the Gatekeeper
Lvl 115
EXP: 208984​
Lion King's Castle: Under the Castle Walls 1 at Lion King's Castle in El Nath​


Castle Golem
Lvl 127
EXP: 251791​
Lion King's Castle: Very Tall Castle Walls at Lion King's Castle in El Nath​


Official Knight A
Lvl 168
EXP: 381209​
Knight Stronghold: First Drill Hall in Future Ereve​


Official Knight B
Lvl 170
EXP: 397133​
Knight Stronghold: Second Drill Hall in Future Ereve
General Tips
- All 4 of these maps are Party Play maps, meaning that you will gain more EXP the more people are in your party​
- People are often looking for leechers to join their party for the sake of getting more EXP, with Castle Golems and Second Drill Hall being the 2 most popular maps people look for leeching​
- While these maps received huge nerfs in GMS, they were left untouched in Croosade​
- You'll be able to leech if you are -5 levels below the respective mob's level​
Crocky the Gatekeeper
- People rarely leech here since most people will have gained enough levels to be able to straight up leech / grind at Castle Golems​
- This is an alternative map if you are too lazy to progress with the Lion King's Castle questline or you don't have access to a Hyper Teleport Rock​
Castle Golem
- There are 2 Castle Golem maps but, this one is significantly better because the platforms are closer together​
Official Knight A / B
- If you are bored of Castle Golems, you can always train at First Drill Hall around Lvl 160 if you have the damage (people will rarely train here since they stay at Castle Golems until Lvl 165 to leech at Second Drill Hall)​
- You can directly teleport to these maps if you have a Hyper Teleport Rock, otherwise you'll need to do the Future Henesys / Ereve questline to gain access to the Stronghold maps​
- To access the questline you must be Lvl 160 and accept the quest "The Rumor" either from the light bulb on the left side of the window or through Cassandra​
- You can use a floating chair (the chair must not touch the ground at all, large chairs like the Watermelon or Giant Ducky chair will not work) such as any of the planet chairs from the 9th Anniversary Event to avoid getting hit by the mobs​

Lvl 179 - 250


Advanced Knight A / B / C / D / E
Lvl 177 - 184
EXP: 418116 - 498684​
Knight Stronghold: Hall of Honor in Future Ereve


Ancient Mixed Golem
Lvl 198
EXP: 522056​
Twilight Perion: Warrior Grounds in Twilight Perion
Hall of Honor
- People are almost looking for leechers in this map. While there are lower level mobs in this map, in order for the person grinding to gain maximum EXP they tend to only accept people that are Lvl 179 so they gain bonus EXP from all 5 mobs​
- This map gives an additional 50% EXP per party member, which means you'll typically gain more EXP here with a full party of 6 than at Warrior Grounds (reasons explained below)​
Warrior Grounds
- This is a better solo map or with a smaller party of leechers since the map only gives an additional 20% EXP per party member​

Lvl 140+ Daily Bosses / PQs


Dimension Invasion Party Quest
Lvl 140+​
Hidden Street: Stormfront through the Dimensional Mirror at any town​


Normal / Chaos Horntail
Lvl 130 / 160
EXP: 11678436 - 27805800 / 16816948 - 99145148​
Cave of Life: Entrance to Horntail's Cave at Leafre​

Lvl 170
EXP: 47520001​
Singapore: Ruins of Krexel II at Singapore


Pink Bean
Lvl 180
EXP: 1200000 - 25160000​
Deep Place of Temple: Forgotten Twilight at Temple of Time
General Notes
- The 3 bosses above stand out mainly because they give a solid amount of EXP and don't require a ton of funds to take down. Generally, do any boss you have access to that you can beat either solo or with a party each day for boss coins + EXP​
Dimension Invasion Party Quest
- If unfunded, expect to lose once you reach the Gargoyle Knight stage since they can stun lock you until you lose the PQ due to too many mobs spawning in​
- If your goal is to gain EXP, make sure to do the bonus stage every time. If your goal is to save time, only fight the Blackheart boss since it gives the best rewards (Nova Capes and High Quality Dimension Glove fragments) and just leave the Bonus Stage if it isn't​
- You can do DIPQ 5 times a day​
- To start the questline, you'll have to talk to Chief Tatamo at Lvl 130 and accept the quest "Moira's Whereabouts" then talk to Moira at Leafre: Cave of Life - Entrance​
- Before proceeding the questline, make sure you have the Zakum / Papulatus / Pianus Certificates which can be obtained by defeating each respective boss​
- Due to this, you'll need to complete the Clock Tower questline in Ludibrum to obtain the Papulatus Certificate​
- Pianus is a pretty popular boss for players to gain EXP, so chances are you might not find it​
- Make sure you accept the quest "Badge of the Squad Member" before entering the Cave of Life, this will allow you to proceed with the 2nd part of the prequest which requires you to find Mark of the Squad items from Horntail PQ (which requires an additional person)​
- Once you receive the item "Certificate of the Dragon Squad" you do not have to do the transformation potion quest anymore and you can straight up enter the Cave of Life​
- Wait for the Horntail heads in the 1st and 2nd stage to attack first before you launch your assault, this will prevent them from immediately using Weapon / Magic Cancel for some reason​
- The Horntail heads in the 3rd stage do occasionally cast Weapon / Magic Reflect, the left one casts Weapon Reflect and the right one casts Magic Reflect​
- You'll need to complete the Ghost Ship Questline through Ralph the Wanderer at Boat Quay Town once you're Lvl 135 before you have access to the Ulu City Questline through Commando Jim​
- You most likely will struggle (unless you are funded) if you start the questline ASAP because the mobs you need to beat are at a pretty high level (155 - 167) despite the questline's level minimum being pretty low. You can always hold off on the questline until you are around Lvl 150 before tackling it​
- Krexel can be defeated twice a day and does not drop Croosade / Boss Coins​
Pink Bean
- You'll need to complete the entire Temple of Time Questline through the Temple Keeper once you're Lvl 140​
- The prequests for the Marble of Chaos item has NOT been waived in this patch, and you only need 1 of each Smiley / Neutral / Frowny mask as opposed to 10. Also the mini bosses (Dodo / Lilynouch / Lyka) will drop 3 of their respective items instead of 1​
- Stand to the left of Hugin and the right of Munin (the bird statues) in order to avoid triggering Damage Reflect or Seduce​
- Do not bother with Chaos Pink Bean, you'll need to be pretty funded in order to tackle this boss​

Recommended / Personal Favorite Route

Lvl 10 - 30:
Class-Exclusive Questline
Lvl 30 - 35: Violet Clam Slimes
Lvl 35 - 50: Gold Beach Questline
Lvl 50 - 60: Chryse Questline / Golden Ferrets
Lvl 60 - 70: Copper Drakes
Lvl 70 - 80: Stairway to the Sky I / White Fangs
Lvl 80 - 90: Sahel 2
Lvl 90- 100: Lab Area C-1
Lvl 100 - 115: Zakum Arms
Lvl 115 - 120 / 122: Robos + Master Robos / Golden Temple Questline + Ganapati
Lvl 122 - 165: Castle Golem Leech / Party Play
Lvl 140+: DIPQ + Daily Boss Runs
Lvl 165 - 179: Second Drill Hall Leech / Party Play
Lvl 179 - 250: Hall of Honor Leech / Party Play
Lvl 193 - 250: Warrior Grounds Leech / Party Play

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