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Dec 9, 2017
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Hi Croosaders,

Today is update & maintenance day. We've been busy preparing v153 over the past month, and it should be ready for release now. v150 in particular brought heaps of changes to the game, a lot of which we haven't had time to code yet since there was so much work to do on fixing up existing features. Long sought-after features such as Account Buddies and Shade will be available at release. Details can be taken from the Update Notes which will be posted later.

The maintenance is planned to start today at around 19:30-20:00 UTC, with an expected downtime lasting around 1-1.5h. Croosade web services as well as v92 may also be unavailable for some time during this period.

You can either wait until the maintenance begins in order to patch your game, or you can download our pre-patcher (link you can use your normal Croosade client to patch now) in order to patch ahead of time. The patch has a size of 487 MB.

As usual, thanks go to our beta testers for being a tremendous help in getting the update ready and spotting lots of random little (breaking) changes Nexon sneaked in.

Croosade Staff
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