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Jan 18, 2018
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Questions about v92’s population get asked a lot.


So, this is a FAQ answer of sorts players can direct new players asking this question to.
Do note that this post is just my personal observation, not fact.
Before I start, one very important piece of advice if you’re starting out in v92 – join a guild.

Compared to the amount of time it takes to get from 120-200, the time it takes to get from 1-120 is so short that most of the server’s population is concentrated around the higher bossing levels. However, there are a few players with an army of CPQ (carnival PQ) mules, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a CPQ run.

The key low level PQ is Ellin PQ, which only requires a minimum of 3 players. So, you don’t need to hunt for a full party of 6 to do PQs. Plus, EPQ doesn't have a maximum level limit unlike CPQ.

1-10: Maple island/wherever your class starts
10-30: Job instructor quests + ant tunnel to get to 30
30-40: Do all the mushking quests.
40-50: CDs at kerning square or sleepy dungeon.
50~~: Forest of golems, Mysterious path 3, or EPQ if there is one.
From there on out depends on the class.

No. Zak runs happen multiple times a day with several groups. HT however, only happens with one expedition (we don’t have enough for 2 HT expeditions) but that means that when HT does happen, everybody on the server is invited.

The bigger concern is whether you can hit check for boss points. In Croosade, to prevent muling boss points, you need to do a minimum amount of damage to bosses to get boss points. Except for bishops and archmages (more on that below), this is 7% for zak and *5%* for HT (it’s actually 6.6985% because it counts preheads in the denominator but not in the numerator). Zak is by far the main source of points, so that's the most important one.

Thankfully, most of the people here are willing to wait a bit for everyone to hit check as long as it won’t drag out the run too much. However, most of the bossers in v92 are veteran players (and their army of mules) with high levels and good gear. So it won’t be a walk in the park to hit the minimum damage requirements in bosses.

On that note…

It’s hard to find scrolls. It’s hard to find equips. You have to wait very patiently for the scroll you need to show up in the FM or farm them yourself. White scrolls and chaos scrolls always sell fast however.

This is my personal answer, but my answer is an absolute yes. In fact, I’m enjoying the server more than I did back when the server had a high population; there’s no drama, no doom and gloom about the server’s population (which was pretty intense in June/July) and no fuss. Almost everyone is nice and friendly with such a small population. You get to know the whole server pretty quick.

I used to think that the server would become truly unplayable if the majority left and so I was pretty vocal about suggestions, but in hindsight the server is fine as it is now.

The server isn’t anywhere near as dead as the v92 discord makes it seem because there’s a separate community moderated discord that is very active.

First of all, any class is a welcome addition to boss runs. Whether you hit check or not is a separate matter.

Personally (I’m biased because I’m a bishop main) I think an adventurer mage (F/P, bishop, I/L) is a good starting class for several reasons:
1. Attackers farm boss coins. They need at least decent gear to hit damage check. Mages farm mobs. They can farm mobs with barebones gear.
2. No more waiting for boss runs to start. At any time of day, for as long or as short as you want, just log on and do your own thing.
3. Archmages are the easiest class to hit damage check at zak, the main source of boss coins.

If you want to play an attacker class, Arans can do a lot with little funding, but you need to mash keys. If you don’t want to mash keys, SEs are pretty self-sufficient and don’t need good equips to be useful. Paladins and DrKs are the most needed at the moment but good luck hitting check.

My concluding thoughts are that the server is fine as it is. Many will not stay, but the people who do will enjoy the company of the others, here in this small community.

P.S: @reconnect when Harvey? 😗
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Jan 18, 2018
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Bossing guide, for newbies.
Also updated ^ for 06/02/2021

1. Zakum
Main source of boss coins. Very time efficient for boss coins and easy to bring boss coin mules in. Drops maxHP orbs, which you'll max pretty quickly. Skillbooks and zhelms are so common they're worthless.

2. Krexel
Drops BiS shoulder and orbs to upgrade it. Unlike all other orbs, do NOT loot the orb if it drops- only one person can loot the orb. Side source of boss coins.

3. Horntail
HT books. More maxHP orbs, but this time it will take you some time to max out on them. Another source of boss coins. Limited to two wheels here, so try not to die.

4.5 Scarga/Targa
Nothing more than points really. Scarga/Targa helms are a minor upgrade over zhelms but czhelms aren't that rare anyways.
Has a prequest.

4.5 Chaos Zakum
Spams annoying debuffs, so bring lots of wheels. Drops czhelms and czak orbs (which give AP, not maxHP), but terrible exp and boss coin efficiency for time and effort spent.

6. Chaos Horntail
Can only happen when several key players are in the run, so hard to organise. Drops cHT orbs.

7. PB
(Maybe in 10 or 11 years)

Duo if you want; you can run this boss twice a day, but you can only get 1 crack needed to spawn the boss. Killing it as a duo lets you run twice without issues. Gives a meagre amount of boss coins, but is quick and easy. Has a x2 day, but also requires a prequest.

Anego/Bigfoot/Headless Horseman/etc.
Do these at your own leisure. Don't steal pre-killed map bosses. I barely know anything about these bosses :<
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