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Jan 10, 2018
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This is not ok and its time to stop.
Speaking of time I have alot on my hands so why the hell not ? lets do another guide.

Im here to show you the four stages of gear progression in this server.
Divided into four categories most commonly known as​
  1. Early game​
  2. Mid game​
  3. Late game​
  4. End game​
Items will be separated into two different groups
Common equips - which everyone can wear
Class equips - which only some or less classes can wear

Items will also be thrown into one of these groups based only on how strong they are.
Therefore you might have an easier item to obtain that is considered late / end game
while having a more difficult to obtain item in the early game.
Thats because aside from the item's stats and level there's also the item's growth.
(slots & type of scrolls)

* mages will have there own section later on.
In croosade the addition of white and chaos scrolls makes it so the absolutly
final end game would be to get the best in slot items while chaosing them / using 10% scrolls and white scrolls.
This is super ridiculous to get to that point, thus Im not going to mention them alot, just know it is the definition of best.

Helmet -
Helmet 2.png
Eye - Accessory -
Face - Accessory -
Face .png
Earrings -
Rings -
Pendant -
Belts -
Shoulders -


Medal -


Cape -

Gloves -

Boots -


Shield -

As they do not require any secondary stat in order to equip high level gear
different colored overall will yield alot more free STR , this is the bis overall archer table:

Overall archer.png
Pirates do require equal amount of both stats, this is the best in slot pirate table :

pirate overall.png
Thiefs require alot of secondry stat hence why top and bottom are essential
even tho they use an overall for there early game. It is importent
to give them more work space on there equips. This is the best in slot thief table :
top bot thief.png

Warriors switch between top&bot and overall depending on there stage in the game.
when you stop valuing dex/acc from your top and bottom, str overall will be alot better.
This is the best in slot warrior table:

Hybrid warriors.png

Weapons on the server follow for the most part a similar path :
While some classes have exceptions, the early game of maple weapons should always be the go to​

Class exception

I only do that because of free time and because we havent killed pb yet.


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